Complaint Letter for Damaged Luggage

Nowadays, people try to opt for most convenient and fastest mode of transportation. Traveling through airplane is much faster and easy. It is also very helpful in urgent needs. Like when people want to travel in emergencies, they choose for airplanes. While traveling to distant places, people usually have a lot of luggage. The transportation modes are solely responsible for all the luggage of the travelers. They need to have proper arrangements regarding safety and security of the luggage. Often, people are carrying precious assets along with them. In such cases, they are unable to bear the loss if luggage is damaged or lost. All transportation modes have complaint departments. When passengers suffer such losses, they make complaints to these departments for compensation of the loss. The complaint letters include all the details of the travel. It can provide ease to locate and resume as soon as possible.

Complaint Letter for Damaged Luggage


Jeff De Newitt
Block 13B, Marble Wall Avenue, California.

14th June 2017


Mr. Simon Jacobs
Operations Manager
Landmark Train Service
14 St. Pearl Avenue, California.


Dear [Recipients Name],

I am writing to bring in your notice about my damaged luggage. I traveled from San Francisco to California from the train. My compartment was TR05. I had three suitcases in total. At the train station, the luggage loaders loaded my suitcases. My travel was all the way sound and fine. When I collected my luggage after arrival, I found two of my suitcases were damaged so badly. The dark blue with tag number E4 and the black one with tag number E6 were damaged. The zips and handles were totally broken. Half of my things were lost including the precious gifts I brought for my family. My suitcases were brand new and costly. I am completely dissatisfied with your service. You must ensure the check and balance on the services you are providing. I suffered from a loss of $350. I require a compensation of this loss. Please deliver the cheque within 3 working days. I request you to improve your services.

I am waiting for prompt action.


Jeff De Newitt


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Complaint Letter for Damaged LuggageComplaint Letter for Damaged Luggage

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