Letter Announcing Bad News to Employees

In businesses, there are not always good news. Profit is what businesses seek but the loss is nonetheless the part of businesses. Apart from loss, there is other bad news that one may have to announce to his employees. Since in professional sphere, everything is done in written documents, good and bad news are also given in the form of memos and letters. Announcing a bad news to an employee especially if it is a business loss, a scandal or a declining reputation is a tricky job. Employees might exhaust at the revelation of the news. So here an employer has to encourage and motivate them while informing them of the bad news.

This letter given below can be written in order to inform employees about a bad news.

Letter Announcing Bad News to Employees

Dear (Recipient’s Name),

Many of you might already be aware of this bad news of [enter news]. I have written this letter in order to inform you all about it. The good and bad news is part of businesses rather part of life. I have come to know that some of you have taken serious effect of this news and are planning to leave the employment to look for better opportunities. This is a natural reaction but my suggestion to you all is to stay motivated. A bad news is followed by the good news too. In this hard time, we need to stay strong and keep doing our work. I have also planned a meeting on [enter date] to discuss the whole situation with you. All employees are requested to attend it. I would once again say that don’t let this bad news of [enter news] affect your work. Keep working passionately and honestly as always.  Thank you!

[Your Name]

[Senders Title] -Optional-


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Letter Announcing Bad News to EmployeesLetter Announcing Bad News to Employees

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