Warning Letter to Service Provider for Delay in Completion of Work

A warning letter to service providers for the delay in the completion of work is sent from a customer to complain against the slow work pace against the decided time as per the deal.

Whenever a customer hires an independent agent or a company for any kind of work, be it home renovation or the installation of some technical devices in the house, a deal is made between the two parties. All kinds of terms and conditions including the concerns of both sides are discussed and finalized. Out of all the major concerns for the customers, the biggest one is timely execution because everyone has plans aligned to do. Many times, an individual is holding on to these projects as they cannot run it in parallel.

Having your home renovation being held right in the middle of nowhere can put a pause on your life and if you have a family, your life becomes a nightmare. This is not only a professional but a moral obligation of agents/companies to complete the target on time without bothering the client.

However, if you are unfortunate enough, as a service taker, to get stuck with the concerned party’s procrastination and lack of responsibility, you may address the issue directly with them without being embarrassed about it. Always approach the authorities through a letter because it’s the protocol and you can always have the record straight.

Before drafting a warning letter, you should know a few things. Never use an intimidating tone as you’re the boss and they’re your submissive subjects because firstly, it is morally inappropriate and secondly if they quit the work right in the middle, you won’t be able to pack up the mess. Also, you’d have to start all over again and it will cost you a lot more time, resources, and energy.

Stay factual using a plain but cooperating tone. Give them a reference to the details of the deal and how the company is not honoring its promises. You can also give a final deadline and straightforwardly tell them the consequences of not finishing the work before it as per the terms and conditions.

In the end, assure them that cooperation in the most compatible way is the only solution for both parties.

Sample Letter

Dear Mark,

21st Century Solution,

I am writing this letter to you with the utmost disappointment and dissatisfaction with your company’s performance with regard to my home renovation. I signed the contract with you one month before on the 1st of July and we both agreed to comply with each other’s requirements and expectations.

The deal was to renovate two washrooms, the living room, and the sunroom and according to the details, you had to complete it within 20-days. It has been over 30-days now and the work is continuing.

Despite my verbal requests, you failed to do your job as we both decided to push me to give you a written warning. Please complete the project within 3-working days or you shall be penalized according to the contract.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at [X]


Joe Fox

Size: 19 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



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