Illegal Construction Complaint Letter

Construction of buildings, roads, schools, restaurants, hotels, bridges, shopping malls, etc takes place everywhere every time. The key to successful construction is their management. Management is always good with experience. And education is also an important factor.

The construction manager has many responsibilities. He has to look over the workers each and every time. His job is much stressful and hectic. He serves as a mediator between the owner and his workers. In addition, he has to manage the cost and budget allocation effectively. The construction site matters a lot on being legal or not. When the construction of some site has to start the construction manager should check the legality from the owner.

In the case of being illegal, the construction manager is also considered guilty along with the owner. Rules and laws are strict in this regard. And illegal construction results in demolishing of the building etc. In the case of any building or road etc constructed illegal, a complaint is sent to the mayor of the area to take necessary actions.


I am writing on behalf of all the residents of the apartments located on [address]. This is already a very crowded area as it is surrounded by a commercial zone. Especially in the daytime, it is very difficult to find parking or even cross the street. In addition, there is a school at the end of the street. The resulting traffic is outrageous. The noise and pollution are hurting the mental and physical health of the residents and we have been protesting the authorities for allowing the construction of schools in such a crowded neighborhood.

For the last two weeks, we have noticed that digging has started in the small parking area next to the apartments. Now we have come to know that a plaza is being constructed in this space. This is intolerable and not acceptable at all, as constructing a commercial building in this small area would aggravate the issues already being faced by the residents.

Since your organization deals with building plan approval, we want to register our complaint with you. Please look into this matter as it is causing a lot of stress in our community and is not acceptable to us at all. We intend to fight for this matter and take it as far as possible but we would not let some profiteers benefit at the cost of all the residents of this area.

Looking forward to your swift and positive response.


I am writing to you to register a complaint regarding an illegal construction activity in our housing society. The [name of the park] park is situated in the middle of our society, being part of the original development plan and the reason for almost all of the society members opting to live here. Being a recreational center of the community, the park is an essential and permanent feature of community life in this housing society for all and sundry.

However recently, construction activity has been observed in a portion of the park. On inquiry, the workers have revealed that a commercial plaza has been planned for construction inside the park. Infact, that particular portion of the park has reportedly been re-designated as a commercial area.

The development has been received with considerable concern by residents of the community. It is equally surprising that the administration is unaware of the ongoing illegal construction, as the person behind the official contact number of your head office expressed complete ignorance of the fact. You are requested to immediately intervene and cease the illegal construction and also inquire into the reasons behind this development.

We the residents of [name of society] housing society express serious concern and expect swift and decisive action against this illegal construction that has turned the only attraction in our society into an eyesore.

Looking forward to urgent action.


Millcreek Mall
Richard H. Thompson
13 St. Park View Avenue, Oklahoma.


Mr. Warren Foster
Police Commissioner
EVT Central Office
10 Grand Street, Diamond Avenue, Oklahoma.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am Richard H. Thompson. I wanted to inform you that I have just noticed illegal construction in the parking area of my shopping mall. The parking area for my shopping mall is under my custody. I have all the legal documents with me.

The parking area of my shopping mall is a big plot adjacent to the shopping mall. As my shopping mall also has a supermarket within, so I recently bought this plot 3 months ago to facilitate the people visiting both the mall and supermarket. I have tried a lot to contact the group that is doing the illegal construction but I am unable to trace and contact them. Please consider my case and take the necessary actions. I am much worried about the situation. My contact number is [#]. Please feel free to contact and inquire about any details of my property.

I keenly look forward to resolving my issue.


Richard H.Thompson.

The Owner, Millcreek Mall.


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