Advance Salary Request Letter

Sample -1

I am working in your company for the post of assistant manager for the last ten years and I have proved to a very hardworking and efficient worker from day first till now. I have tried my level best to provide the company best of my services. This letter is a request to you for the advanced salary request. Due to the financial crisis, I could not pay the college fee of my brother for the last three months and his name has now come on the draw list. His college principal has sent me a notice that if his fee is not paid at the given time, his name will be excluded, and he would not be able to take admission to the college again.

I should not have requested you for an advanced salary but now the circumstances have reached to level that there is no other option left than to request you. As you know my father has passed away, while he was alive, I did not have any worries about household expenses. After his death, all the household responsibilities have fallen on me and I am facing a severe financial crisis nowadays. I have to manage everything from grocery, crockery, monthly rent of the house to pay the fee of my younger siblings.

Under the view of all circumstances that I have mentioned above, I request you to please give me an advanced salary of three months so may I be able to pay the college fee of my brother on time otherwise he would not be able to continue his studies again.

I hope that you will give a kind consideration to my request for an advanced salary as I am in dire need of it. I would be very thankful to you for this act of kindness.


Sachin Tagore

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Letter -2

11 January 20XX,
Martin Luther
Valley Stream, RT67

Dear Mr. Luther,

I have greatly enjoyed working with your company for seven months as Supervising Director. During this time, I’m sure you would also be agreed that I did not take any uninformed leaves or was involved in any kind of misconduct. I have performed the tasks and targets way beyond your expectations and had been consistent in my performance. I also remained available for other responsibilities as well and worked extra hours for the company’s sake when you wanted me. I was also asked energetically for more responsibilities. I also remained available on weekends when you required us for the completion of projects.

Considering what has been mentioned above, I would like to ask you for an advanced salary of two months. I had also discussed this matter with you verbally that my wife is suffering from a brain tumor and for her treatment, I need a huge amount of money. I have sold many expensive things from my house, but these are not enough to meet the treatment of my wife. There are many other expenses of the house and I am running through the financial crisis nowadays.

Therefore, I request you to give me an advanced salary of two months, so may I be able to get her proper treatment. I also know that the company has always tried hard to provide good to its employees and is involved in productivity.

I hope you will give a kind consideration to this and will help me to come out from this darkest phase of life. I promise that I will work hard more positively in the future.


Putin Alexei

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