Apology Letter to Principal for Bad Behavior

There can be many reasons for writing the apology letter to the principal of the institutes. Often the students studying in the institute commit such mistakes such as rules breaking or behaving badly with someone which can be very dangerous for their educational career. The principal is the in charge of the institute and he can decide to expel the student because of his bad behavior, however, apologizing can solve lots of problems.

When you are writing the letter, it is good to add the subject in the letter. The subject saves a lot of time of the reader since it can tell a lot about the letter. Try to write the letter briefly. It is better not to add the unnecessary details in the letter.

You can also exclude the details of misbehavior, however, if you think you should clear it then you can give the reasons of misbehavior briefly. After starting the letter, do not jump directly to apologizing rather add some greeting sentences in the start.

Then come to the main point and admit that you have committed the mistake of misbehaving and then express the feelings of regret which you are having after misbehaving. Although it is too hard to admit your mistake since there is a possibility that the principal will forgive you, you can ask for forgiveness.

Also, assure in the letter that you are not going to do the same mistake again. Check the letter for all the grammatical errors before sending it to the principal.


I am (name) student of grade (number) and captain of the school cricket team. I want to apologize for the misconduct me and my team displayed on the cricket ground during the match held on date. Sir we understand cricket is the pride of our school and the match held between our school and (name of school) on (date) was a very important one, as the team winning this match would have qualified for the semi-finals.

When the match started, the boys of the other team started misbehaving by calling us bad names. Their behavior worsened after winning the toss.

We tried to ignore them as directed by our coach but during the game a point came when the boys could not hold their anger in, any longer and they started replying in kind. Things kept deteriorating up to the point where a fight broke out and the match had to be cancelled.

I am extremely sorry on behalf of my team. I know that these are not the values that we have been taught in this school and I understand how embarrassing our behavior must have been for you. I want to apologize to you and to the entire school for losing our cool and acknowledge that you expected better behavior from us.

Sir I assure you that such an incident would never be repeated, and we fully realize the impact of our behavior and are very embarrassed for not coming up to your expectations.

Please forgive us this time and we would not give you a reason to complain again.

Looking forward to your forgiveness.


Respected Madam/Principal

I want to apologize for the bad performance I showed in the interschool water rocket Competition where I was representing our school.

Madam it is not that I did not take this seriously or was careless, but the problem is that I could not prepare as well as the occasion demanded because I was taken ill two days before the competition. I had high fever and chills so I could not practice properly.

On the day of the competition, I could only do the bare minimum before I ran out of time. My sickness is the reason why my performance was not up to the required standard. I’m sorry to let you and my school down like this. But I want to assure you that this will not happen again. Please forgive me as it was due to reasons beyond my control.

Looking forward to your forgiveness.


Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I am really very sorry that I broke the school rules. I know that everyone should follow the rules and whatever I did was completely wrong.

I know that the rules are made to keep the discipline in the institute and to keep the students of the school safe. I again apologize for my misconduct and I assure that from now on I will be working hard to show the respect towards you and the teaching staff.

[Your Name]

[Senders Title] -Optional-


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