Apology Letter on Behalf of Partner

We tend to have different behaviors at times due to our life stresses. As human beings, we might behave in unpredictable ways, and in such situations; an apology becomes a must if we need to keep up our relationships with our friends and relatives.

State any reasons for the behavior, being honest will help the other person to understand the situation. Also mention that you have been a calm and polite person and under some pressures, you reacted in a certain way. Be sincere in your apology and promise to work on yourself and improve your behavior for the future.


I want to apologize for the way my partner, Mr [name] behaved during the meeting held on [date] to discuss the progress of our project which your firm is handling. The progress of the project has fallen behind schedule which upset Mr [name] greatly.

The problem is that our clients are awaiting the handover of the flats very anxiously and are constantly inquiring about the status. Which is not possible for us until your firm completes the woodwork. As you know every delay causes monetary loss and a loss of repute to our firm, still I feel that he should have been more patient and not given in to his burst of anger.

Please accept my apology on his behalf and move ahead with the project at an increased pace as any further delay is bad for both companies. Looking forward to your understanding and cooperation,


I am writing on behalf of Mr. [name] who is a partner in our firm [name]. We received your letter inviting us to the annual fundraising dinner to be held on [date]. Mr. [name] is currently out of the country and would not be back before [date]and hence he would be unable to attend the event.

However, two of our senior executives would be there to show our support and contribute to the worthy cause. We appreciate you for your contributions and all the hard work you put in to help pediatric cancer patients who cannot afford the treatment. Our company has always contributed very generously to this cause and will continue to do so.

In the end, we would like to applaud you for your efforts once again and wish you all the best for the future.


We were so delighted to have dinner with you last night. It had been a long time since we got connected with you and we were really in need of this change. My husband is very fond of your family and he is always very excited to meet you guys. You know how social he is and he enjoys meeting people and talking with them.

For the past few days, my husband is having a lot of mood swings. He recently got fired from his job. He had been very passionate to work for this company and being fired has left him very upset and disturbed.  I have tried a lot to make him feel better but my efforts are all in vain. He has a very calm person but it takes a few minutes for him to become rude and aggressive.

Last night, he just lost his temper over the dinner table. I tried hard to control him but once he loses his temper, it gets really hard for him to manage himself. We found it best to leave at that very moment because we will never want to hurt our friends.

I am sure you will understand our condition. My husband feels much better now and he has realized his mistake as well. We want to apologize to you and your family in person so my husband has planned a dinner for you. Please let me know the most convenient time for you to visit.

Accept our sincere apology and let’s connect back soon.


[Your Name]


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