Character Reference Letter for a Landlord

Reputation plays an important role in all sort of businesses but when we talk of property buying and selling it is the backbone. If the landlord is well reputed then buyers trust blindly in making any deal and vice versa. But in the case of an unknown person, buyers need certification that their deal is not going to ruin their money. In today’s world, property scams are well known to the majority of the persons but still there are new frauds with new fascinating ideas to deceive people are emerging gradually. These attractive ideas are implanted on innocent people to grab their attention and eventually ruining them financially. Therefore, the buyers always need a guarantee from someone who could certify the reputation of the proprietor or landlord. Character reference letter is the best example of elaborating someone’s reputation for making buyers feel comfortable in making any contract. It also contains the history of the previous contracts which helps buyers to make a right decision.

Character Reference Letter for a Landlord


Micro Technologies Ltd.

Bernard Bell

56 St. East Coast Avenue, Carson

9th January 2017


Mr. John Audley


Excel Investment and Management Company

12 St. Hill Top Avenue, Carson


Dear [Recipients Name],

Hope you are fine and enjoying your health. I have read your email about buying property on the south park road. I am glad that you made a wise decision of buying the property from Mr. Harlot. I know him very well for the last seven years. I had made more than three contracts with him and I find him a very honest person. He remained very logical and fair in his all dealings. He is a well-known businessman in construction and always uses the state of the art material in his construction plans. Moreover, he mentions his material cost, labor cost and margin rate separately in his contract. Even if you would have any query, he would personally solve it. There is no need of any kind fear in making any deal with him and go ahead with the prosperous future.

Hope you would have a fair deal


Assistant Manager, Micro Technologies Ltd.


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Character Reference Letter for a LandlordCharacter Reference Letter for a Landlord

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