Authorization Letter about Repair Work of Hotel Rooms

For the purpose of management, the work needs to be divided among different people of different ranks. However, when a major decision is to be taken, permission should be taken from the relevant authority that is in most cases only one. Taking the example of a hotel we know that the CEO/ managing directors of the hotel do not keep an eye on every single thing themselves rather the other employees are given the responsibilities to look over the matters.

Renovation or repair of a hotel is a big decision that cannot be acted upon unless the high authority approves of it. Authorization letter for the renovation/repair of hotel rooms can be written by the managing director to his assistant or the head of the relevant department to undergo repair under his supervision.

Authorization Letter about Repair Work of Hotel Rooms

Dear [Recipient’s name]

In the last meeting, we decided that the rooms of the hotels are renovated and the repair work of the walls and galleries be completed before the end of this year. To undertake this task Mr. [enter name] will take care of the project. I authorize you to take all responsibilities of the renovation and supervise this process. You are free to make the repairs according to your choice keeping the theme of our hotel, however, I suggest you think of changing that color scheme which we have been following for the past half-decade. For the rest of the things, you have full authorization. I’m sure you’ll do everything in the perfect manner as always. Thank you!


[Your Name]

[Your Title] -Optional-

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Authorization Letter about Repair Work of Hotel RoomsAuthorization Letter about Repair Work of Hotel Rooms

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