Warning Letter for Unprofessional Behavior


I am writing to reprimand you on your utter disregard for office decorum. At the workplace, everyone must follow some rules and regulations to ensure the smooth running of the office.

Your behavior in the last two months has been extremely unprofessional. We have received multiple complaints from your colleagues and clients, and I want to make this very clear that this type of carelessness will not be tolerated.

Punctuality is one of the most basic requirements of the job and work efficiency is affected when a team member is missing in the progress review meetings. Your record has been very bad in this regard, and we have received multiple complaints.  Your rude attitude and misbehavior with authority figures are also a source of concern. You do not take instructions well and have proven that you are not a good team player.

Teamwork is an integral part of our company’s culture and if someone can not work well in a team, they have no place in our company. Please consider this letter a warning and improve your performance. We are going to observe your behavior over the next two months and in case of no improvement, we would have no option but to let you go.

Looking forward to an improvement in your attitude and performance,


I want to share my displeasure with the way you behaved with the parents of (name) grade (number) at the Parent-Teacher meeting held on (date).  They had come to share their concerns about their son’s bad grades. Instead of reassuring them on how you planned to help him cover his shortcomings, your attitude was very unprofessional and offensive. The parents were really offended by the way you responded to their questions and blamed the student and the parents for the bad grades.

Remember there are no bad students only bad teachers. If a student is not responding to your way of teaching, you have to look for ways to make it easier for him to grasp the concepts. It is our duty as educators to support and encourage the students in learning new things.

The parent’s role is also important, but it is secondary to the teacher and when they are already worried about their child’s progress, our job is to calm them and guide them as to how they can help improve their child’s grades. For when it comes to a child’s education, parents and teachers must work as a team to get good results. As no party can function alone and get good results.

We expect a more mature and thoughtful approach from a senior teacher like you. Looking forward to a more polite and well-thought response in the future.



Adam Smith
L-13, Blue villa building
Los Angeles

Dear Mr. Smith

Subject: Unprofessional behavior warning letter

Your hard work has always been appreciated by our company and we see you as a role model for other employees as well. However, in the last few weeks, I have been noticing some complaints regarding your rude behavior and negligent work ethic. Your project manager has reported some concerns over your rude behavior. You have not been able to meet your deadlines due to which your project manager had to speak to you. Rather than explaining to him your reasons and apologizing, you behaved rudely and yelled at him.

Speaking to anyone in this manner is not acceptable as you have to follow the code of conduct set up by the company. We have already given you verbal warnings before as well but we do not see any improvement in your behavior.

Your actions and behavior are against the company rules and show your unprofessional behavior. On receiving your apology, we have decided to give you another chance to work on yourself and improve your behavior. I am expecting you to abide by the rules and be a better person in the workplace.

If we receive any more complaints against you, we might think to terminate you from your services.

Yours Faithfully,


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