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Letter of Congratulations on Restaurant’s Anniversary 0

Letter of Congratulations on Restaurant’s Anniversary

A congratulations letter is written with a positive tone. The letter should include some details about the restaurant and it should also reflect how frequently you were in interaction with the restaurant. Explain in the letter that you had a good relationship with the restaurant. The tone of the letter should be personal and informal. Try not to focus on the working or the business of the restaurant. In the...

Congratulation Letter to an Employee on his Job Anniversary 0

Congratulation Letter to an Employee on His Job Anniversary

Employees join business employers at different times so the period of service of all employees is different. One of the ways to encourage and appreciate employees is to wish them their work anniversaries. This is a great way to boost their energies. A letter of congratulation to an employee for his job anniversary should have courteous and generous wishes and a mention of the notable services that the employee has...

Announcing Business Milestone Anniversary 0

Announcing Business Milestone Anniversary

Keeping the work environment healthy by positive reinforcements should be the major goal of every employer who wants his employees to devote their selfless efforts to the growth of the company. Such reinforcements don’t always have to be bonuses or extra paid leaves, one can contribute to increasing the work morale of the workers by simply including them in the company’s big moments. Verbal appreciations can encourage your subordinates to...