Rent Extension Letter to Tenant from Landlord

Landowners should regularly follow explicit lawful methods while amending a tenant’s lease or rent. The two significant prerequisites landowners must follow are, supplying the occupant with composed notification of the expansion and giving this notification a specific number of days prior to the rent is set to expire.

A landlord does not necessarily have to be able to change an occupant’s rent whenever he feels like it. There are sure advances proprietors he/she must follow to raise the rent which is intended to help shield the tenant from silly and unfair increments.

Landlords must issue notice before an increase

On the off chance that a proprietor needs to expand an occupant’s rent, the landowner must send the inhabitant a composed notice. This notification can be hand conveyed or sent to the occupant. It is a smart thought to send this notification through authentic mail so that there is a record that the inhabitant got it. Telling an occupant orally of a lease increment will not hold up in court.

Reasonable increase

A rent increment should ordinarily be viewed as sensible, as dictated by the nearby rental market. A proprietor regularly builds a lease to have somewhat more cash to cover expenses yet does not have any desire to lose a tenant.

Rent is a legal record, so a rent augmentation letter solicitation ought to be treated with a similar degree of significance. To arrange a rent expansion, the landlord must present a conventional letter containing all the relevant information.

  • Your name, current address, and contact information.
  • The date of the rent extension.
  • How much rent extended.
  • Reasons for an extension.

In any case, there are occurrences where both you and your tenant may likewise consent to expand the rent all alone. However, this must be conceivable on the off chance that you have:

  • Changed the tenure understanding in favor of the tenant.
  • Improved facilities or services gave to the inhabitant.
  • Improved the property’s estimation that is useful to the occupant.

Following is a sample letter from the landlord to the tenant to increase the rent.

Sample Letter

Dear Mr. Daniel,
Address of Tenant
Unit Number

This notice is to inform you that it is going to be one year since you have rented the house you are currently residing in, located on Steep Road. Given the policy, the rent of this house is subject to be increased annually. Hence, it is hereby to inform you from the upcoming month there will be an increment in rent payment.

Hopefully, you will continue your tenancy. Maintenance and renovation of the house will be done before the end of this month. Rent will be due after the 6th of each month. I have made this notice agreement so if you agree then sign this agreement. If you disagree then you have 30 days to find another place for your residence.

If you want any discussion, you can visit me at my place between 6-7 pm. I will be happy if you continue your tenancy.


Landlord’s Signature: _________________________ 

Date: ______________________________________

Size: 22 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



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