Thank You Letter for Work Completion Certificate

Sample -1

Re. Thanking You for Granting the Certificate on Completing the Project of IBLC Constructions

Dear Sir, I am Jenny Salvatore from the Department of Planning and Development. I have worked here as a consultant for a period of two years. The job was based on the project of IBLC Constructions as cited in the subject. I am writing to thank you for granting me a wonderful work completion letter filled with your kind words. Those kind words warmed my heart and boomed my satisfaction to self to another level.

I started working here in the Department of Planning and Development on a contract basis for the IBLC Construction project. The project included the construction of some of the departments in the GALER House of Tech and Software (GHTS). The project was to contemplate and construct the area by providing the construction services including workforce and instruments. IBLC Construction was the project extending the IBLC Lounge of the GHTS and renovation of software corner of the company. The project was a one-year project.

I learned a lot of new things during the project development. I also assisted the company as a communicator and therefore it remained a challenge for me to maintain my work-life stabilized. The construction project related to GHTS was complicated and could not have been completed without continuous guidelines and direction. The Department of Human Resources has been greatly helpful in all the matters related.

I am obliged to receive this embellished work completion certificate and congratulate you on the successful completion of this project. I am looking forward to working with you in future on the similar challenging projects. I wish you and the company very good luck. It was an amazing time to work with such a competent and professional team. Their higher level of commitment and analytical negotiations set a dimension for me and with their help, I was able to accomplish this project. I am grateful for your kind appreciation.


Jenny Salvatore

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Sample -2

Re. Gratifying and Thanking You for Work Completion Certification with a Note of Appreciation on Completing the Unanticipated GoKs and Linford HiTech Project

Dear Sir,

I am overtly delighted and overwhelmed by receiving the kind appreciation from you in the shape of a work completion certificate along with a letter of appreciation. With reference to the agreement no. 409-MC that was contracted between [X] and [Y] on 23rd December 20XX. The contract was valid for four months and it included the convenient facilitation of complete IT services to the Linford Groups. In this contract, I was given the task of upgrading and shifting all the IT systems of Linford Groups.

Being the supervisor of the project, I was much concerned about the project completion in the given brief frame of time. I am glad that with the assistance of our team and their professional attitude I was capable of doing the work within the given time without confronting any lapse of time or quality. During this project, the focus was on providing quality services that could last long and design a grand style for its software and IT Services.

Again, thank you for the certificate as it will add to the documentation of my expertise and assist me in future endeavors. I shall be delighted to serve you again in the future. I extend my gratitude to the Designing and Development and Human Resources department for setting clear dimensions for us and guiding us throughout. Thank you.


Ross Gale
B-30 Dunster High Road, San Francisco

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