Complaint Letter about Movie Theater Facilities

Entertainment is always a need for decades. Entertainment if given in the right manner gives much awareness. The awareness can be about history as well as technology. One form of entertainment is cinema. In this modern world Cinemas and Movie Theater are gaining wide recognition. The youngsters, as well as families, make special plans for watching movies to have fun and joy from the busy routine of life. A lot of 3D movies are on screen for kids, kids can also have great fun now. Besides all, it has pros and cons also. Among the uses comes the entertainment, information about discoveries and inventions, and awareness about other cultures. Among the abuses comes vulgarity, misguidance to youngsters, and also not family oriented. Keeping in view, the positive and negative aspects, the parents need to be much careful regarding their children activities. Sometimes, various complaints regarding Movie Theater can arise. People suffer from inconvenience. In return, they make complaints. Such complaints can also be helpful in improvement of Movie Theater and cinemas progress.

Complaint Letter about Movie Theater Facilities


Robert Mc. Hernandez

Block 23C, Silver Lake Avenue, New Hampshire.

11th July 2017


Mr. Alex Jordan


Bonjour Movie Theater

28 Fleet St, Sea Side Avenue, New Hampshire.


Dear [Recipients Name],

I am writing this letter to complain about the problem I faced yesterday at your cinema. Yesterday, I came with my friends to watch the movie “The Invincible”. The movie was long awaited and I must say that we did not enjoy the movie at all. And, we were much disappointed as it was our first visit to your Movie Theater. The point of displeasure was the seating arrangements and the sound system. The angle to watch from front seats is not at all appropriate. The sound when becomes high starts becoming inarticulate and unable to understand. The back-seating arrangements are much better than the front ones. The front seating arrangements should be like them. I hope you will consider the complaint. Please give prompt resolution so that other people may not face the same problem. Hope to visit soon after resolution.

Thank you.


Robert Mc. Hernandez.


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Complaint Letter about Movie Theater FacilitiesComplaint Letter about Movie Theater Facilities

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