Letter to Claim Insurance Due to a House Robbery

Taking an insurance policy is easy, claiming insurance is not. People often face situations in which even a valid claim is not granted. The reason behind this is not always a dishonest insurer. Sometimes it is because people fail to make claims properly. For a claim due to house robbery, one needs to be quick after the incident takes place.

A police report should be filed since the insurance company requires the police report to ensure that the theft actually took place. The company should be notified of the robbery so that their agents may come and inspect the place. The list of the things that were stolen and the receipts or bills of the things for which the claim is to be made are also among the proof documents that are necessarily required in such cases.

This letter can be used to claim insurance due to house robbery.


Mr. Corden James
Prime Health Insurance Company

Dear sir,

Good day. I am writing to inform you that I need to claim the home insurance policy which I am presently availing myself at your company, Prime Health Insurance. My full name is Edgar Dorothy, and my insurance policy number is 9090-3829-1783 which I availed in Jene of the previous year. I wish to claim this policy now because my house has been robbed on the evening of 25th January 20XX.

I was away on a trip to Central London with my wife and kids. When we returned the next day, we found the house in a mess and realized that we have been robbed. The robbers took expensive jewelry items, my laptop, and in addition, broke several window panels and glass panels to run away.

I have reported the matter to the police, and they are investigating the matter on a priority basis as this has never happened in our neighborhood before. In addition, I have contacted three jewelry stores to get estimated prices on the jewelry items stolen.

I will share this information with you as soon as the stores update me regarding this. Please let me know if any other formalities need to be met for me to make a claim on my insurance. Your representative is welcome to visit us anytime for confirmation or any further information regarding this matter. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you and regards,

Edgar Dorothy


Dear Mr. Anderson Lee,

Hope all is well at your side. I wish to inform you that I want to make a claim on my insurance policy number 902-39-2920 at your Company ‘Healthy Life Insurance’. Unfortunately, I have been robbed of precious items and personal belonging from my home on Block D, West Street. I found out two days later when I returned home from a work trip. The local police department has been informed and they are currently investigating this matter.

I contacted your company by call yesterday and they sent a representative over to my place. He has performed all the necessary inspections and must have reported back to you by now.  Therefore, I am writing this letter to officially make a claim on my insurance policy.

According to the policy I am currently enrolled in, your company is liable to cover 80 percent of the financial loss inflicted on the user. Please let me know if any more documents are required so I can arrange them and initiate this process as soon as possible.

I hope you understand that this incident has caused me a lot of distress and created financial problems for me and therefore I would appreciate your prompt response in this matter.

I am available for an in-person meeting or any formalities that may be required by your company to initiate this process. Thank you for your cooperation in this regard.

Thank you

Ms. Anna Karim.


As your agent visited my house yesterday after the incident of robbery and did the necessary inspection, I am now writing to you to claim my insurance. As per the insurance policy, in the case of theft or robbery, the company is due to reimburse me 100%.

I have attached all the necessary documents along with this claim form and thereby claiming my insurance.

Kindly inform me if any other proof documents are required and I will dispatch them as soon as possible. I hope that the settlement will be made within this month. Thank you!

Fuel Claim Letter to Manager


I am Alex, working as a Sales Executive in your company. Through this letter, I want to forward you my formal request for claiming the expenses which were incurred in buying the fuel last month while performing my job-related tasks.

Since I am a sales executive and my job demand extensive traveling from me to introduce the company products to far off places of the town. In addition, I have to track the sales officers how efficiently they are carrying out the sales activities. I performed all these tasks very nicely while working on a company vehicle which has been provided to me for the accomplishment of official tasks.

Usually, I am provided the fuel expenses at the end of the month with pay. But for the last month, I have not been provided with the same, and fuel consumption was also high due to the induction of a new sales team. I had to travel extra mileages due to this reason and expenses in this lieu were born from my own pocket. I have attached to this letter all the receipts of fuel which I purchased from authorized fuel stations at various times.

Since I used the fuel for dealing with the company matters, therefore, I am hereby claiming an amount of [US dollars] which was incurred in purchasing the fuel during last month. Moreover, it is my humble request to you to reimburse this amount as soon as possible so that I would be able to run my routine matters efficiently. I shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness.

Yours sincerely,

Size: 21 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



Subject: Fuel claim for [X]

Dear Sir,

First of all, I would like to say thank you for promoting me to the rank of senior territory manager of this company. With this, I want to bring this thing to your notice that with the upgradation of my post, my duties have also been increased accompanied by extensive traveling. Through this letter, I want to claim that amount which was incurred in lieu of fuel purchase last month because I bore all the expenses from my own pocket and I was paid nothing in this regard.

As a sales manager, I was supposed to track the progress of the sale by following all the sales officers in the area. Fuel consumption at that time was nominal and was being managed very efficiently. With the upgradation of my post, my duties have also been changed.

As a senior territory manager, I kept an eye on the performance of sales officers and supervised the warehouses of the company which is located far away from the city. In doing so, fuel consumption was very high and I purchased all the fuel to accomplish my job-related tasks, thinking that I would be provided this amount with my salary at the end of this month. I want to inform you that I have not been paid and due to which my domestic budget has been disturbed.

Keeping in view this I have attached all the receipts of authorized fuel stations and now, I hereby claim an amount of [US dollars].

I hope you will entertain my request and the accounts department will credit the above-mentioned amount to my account as soon as possible. I am thanking you in anticipation.

Yours truly,

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Product Warranty Claim Letter

A claim letter comprises requests for accommodation such as replacement, fraud, damages payment with the help of genial opening about the product, and concerns may be preferred. 

A claim letter should comprise some basic elements such as a clear and distinguished explanation regarding the complaint, a detailed account of what discord this has created or the mislaying abide by it, reconsideration to fairness and honesty, and equitable adjustment that you expect in return.

Explanation regarding the claim must be precise and pivotal and should give an expression of effectiveness. The person who is writing the claim should provide all the accounts of the fault in a product that has been received, together with date and time, the order number of the product and receipt, and other details that entail precisely what is wrong with the product.

To write an effective claim letter the tone of the letter must be casual and formal for creating an ambiance of professionalism. Moreover, the customer should write the complaint with the view that supplication would be conceded by providing a receipt. Despite boycotting the company and defame its name, you should describe how this problem has overblown you personally. Mistakes and such incidents occur everywhere but there is no use to adopt unethical and aggressive tone.

Sample Letter

13th August 20XX

Dear Manager,

I am Kushal Williams and working as assistant CEO at ABC Company. The core aim of writing this letter is to ask for a warranty claim. Five days ago, on 12- 07- 20XX, I bought a projector from your outlet situated at the heart of Hampshire for organizing upcoming seminar and presentation sessions, but all went against my expectations and it costs worth USD 5,000.  

To check its proper functioning, I gave it a trial so may I have no trouble on the spot before the staff. I came into a deeper shock after checking its functioning. Instead of making me happy it all went wrong. It consumed more time than actual to start. Once it started functioning, its quality was of a very low standard. It displayed a dull, blurry picture, and noisy background. Its remote was not working and buttons were not operating properly. It made me exhausted as I had spent a huge amount on it. Moreover, its system was not supporting the files taken from USB and it was producing frothy sound. In short, it can be said that it was totally wastage of money and out of order.

The company’s seminar is just two days apart and I am not prepared yet to make all the arrangements regarding the presentation. In the seminar, there is going to be discussed very figurative information by honorable guests. I don’t want to make the event spoiled because of this reason.

Attached to the letter is a warranty’s card copy that was affixed with the projector package. 

Kushal Williams

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