Termination Letter for Criminal Offense

An employee being the supervisor or head of another employee writes this termination letter if a criminal offense is conducted on behalf of another employee of the same organization. In order to justify the breach, there must be a connection between the employee and the charge for which he is accused. These criminal offenses can be personal, proprietary, or simply an organizational base.

Generally, if the termination is conducted based on criminal offense then necessary warnings are not required. In that case, we may proceed for a final termination letter indicating the cause and details of the next inquiry meeting and including the details of court hearings and legal laws abided related to this termination.

Sample Letter

[Sender’s name]
[Name of Organization]


[Receiver’s name]
[Name of Organization]

Subject: Letter of Termination against criminal offence

Dear [Receiver’s Name],

This letter puts up the final decision that was made in today’s meeting regarding your dismissal in this company. You were hereby found guilty of the charge for the criminal offense on date: [Provide date], providing evidence which states that you are no longer a part of [Mention company’s name] company.

Upon the formal meeting held today which was attended by the HR manager, your supervisors, the witnesses, [Mention other names], and myself; we founded the criminal offense you made within this company’s premises [provide evident details and justify the incident]. Even though you were a part of this organization for more than [provide employee’s duration] years but unfortunately your deception was never manifested.

  • Upon receiving this termination letter, you are no longer permitted to hold any office property including security/ID cards, Credit cards, office laptops, documents, etc and return it to the Human Resource Department by [provide date]. Please be noted that you are terminated immediately, which gives you no right to stay in this office for more than [time] minutes.
  • All your belongings will be transferred once the final inquiry meeting is held on [provide date]. After that, you can head towards your former office and collect your belongings. Keep yourself reminded of the confidentiality oath and papers you signed in order to hold and sustain the company’s private information that you have attained from any customer or employee. Otherwise, another inquiry in court can be held against you if you fail to retain the company’s private and confidential data.
  • You have a right to appeal both in court and in the HR Department, and provide legal and authentic proves for your misconduct. Before that, you are no longer to be seen in the private and nonpublic areas that behold this company.
  • You are entitled to your legal laws which include your paycheck for this month, health and security benefits, [mention rest], etc that you can collect on the same day which is decided for the scheduled meeting.
  • You can read the code of conduct again which is attached to the end of this letter to revise the terms and conditions, just in case any point or important legal information is missed here.
  • This action is not reversible, thus creating a negative and ill-disciplined environment while leaving this company will posses you no respect. You are requested to keep the company updated on your contact details for us to communicate with you the timings for the upcoming inquiry meeting.


[Your name]
[Your Signature]

Dated: [Letter date]

Size: 21 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



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