Product Warranty Claim Letter

A claim letter comprises requests for accommodation such as replacement, fraud, damages payment with the help of genial opening about the product, and concerns may be preferred. 

A claim letter should comprise some basic elements such as a clear and distinguished explanation regarding the complaint, a detailed account of what discord this has created or the mislaying abide by it, reconsideration to fairness and honesty, and equitable adjustment that you expect in return.

Explanation regarding the claim must be precise and pivotal and should give an expression of effectiveness. The person who is writing the claim should provide all the accounts of the fault in a product that has been received, together with date and time, the order number of the product and receipt, and other details that entail precisely what is wrong with the product.

To write an effective claim letter the tone of the letter must be casual and formal for creating an ambiance of professionalism. Moreover, the customer should write the complaint with the view that supplication would be conceded by providing a receipt. Despite boycotting the company and defame its name, you should describe how this problem has overblown you personally. Mistakes and such incidents occur everywhere but there is no use to adopt unethical and aggressive tone.

Sample Letter

13th August 20XX

Dear Manager,

I am Kushal Williams and working as assistant CEO at ABC Company. The core aim of writing this letter is to ask for a warranty claim. Five days ago, on 12- 07- 20XX, I bought a projector from your outlet situated at the heart of Hampshire for organizing upcoming seminar and presentation sessions, but all went against my expectations and it costs worth USD 5,000.  

To check its proper functioning, I gave it a trial so may I have no trouble on the spot before the staff. I came into a deeper shock after checking its functioning. Instead of making me happy it all went wrong. It consumed more time than actual to start. Once it started functioning, its quality was of a very low standard. It displayed a dull, blurry picture, and noisy background. Its remote was not working and buttons were not operating properly. It made me exhausted as I had spent a huge amount on it. Moreover, its system was not supporting the files taken from USB and it was producing frothy sound. In short, it can be said that it was totally wastage of money and out of order.

The company’s seminar is just two days apart and I am not prepared yet to make all the arrangements regarding the presentation. In the seminar, there is going to be discussed very figurative information by honorable guests. I don’t want to make the event spoiled because of this reason.

Attached to the letter is a warranty’s card copy that was affixed with the projector package. 

Kushal Williams

Size: 21 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



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