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Email to reschedule an event 0

Email to Reschedule an Event

1- 16 January 20XXRussell ElfManager XYZ OrganizationValley Stream, 000 Hello Russell, I am Alexander Melon the manager of XYZ Company. My secretary just told me yesterday that I have a meeting with you regarding our upcoming projects on the 22nd of this month. I am so sorry to inform you that I would not be available that day for a meeting because I have to go on tour with my...

Complaint letter to police about bad character 0

Complaint Letter & Emails about Insanitary Condition & Bad Character

Complaint Letter against Insanitary Condition   New Jersey 22nd December 2017   To The Health Officer Municipal Corporation, New Jersey   SUBJECT: Complaint Against Insanitary Conditions in Golf Links Dear [Recipient Name], I hasten to write to you about the deplorable and unsanitary conditions prevailing in my street. The drains and gutters have been choked and stinking for more than 15 days. Besides heaps of garbage and rubbish have accumulated...

Letter from a Wife to her Husband Working Away Home 0

Letter [Email] from a Wife to her Husband Working Away Home

It is not uncommon for lovers or married couples to be separated by hundreds of miles. To stay in touch and to share feelings letter writing is a very traditional tool. These letters are straightforward and in a case where there is mutual understanding, there should be no danger of anything written being misunderstood. These letters, therefore, cart be long and filled with a material which will be interesting to...