Lease Termination Letter

A lease is basically a contract between the landlord and tenant under fixed period of time. All kind of land, property, and services are basically leased under specific terms and conditions. Written documentations are the main part of this contract. Nowadays, it is becoming a very vast and profit gaining mode of business. Various rich landlords are mostly involved in leasing their property for investment and earning the profit. Sometimes, it is good for those investors who cannot buy any property to start their businesses. But it has some pros and cons. One needs to legally check the land or property, he is taking on a lease. Sometimes people betray the innocent in the name of leasing. All the terms and policies should also be checkered while undergoing agreements.

Lease Termination Letter


JW Kids Shop, Moon Shopping Mall

Johnson Wordsworth

26 St. Pearl Avenue, Washington

7th December 2017


Mr. Wheelock Paul

White Sparrow Real Estate

Block 24C, Renton Avenue, San Francisco


Dear [Recipients Name],

I regret to inform you that I am vacating the shop number 10 which I occupy at moon shopping mall. My lease will terminate on 31st December 2017 and I am planning to leave the shop by December 28, 2017. I have already sold out all the stuff in the shop. Therefore, the shop is empty since last three days but I will return it to you after necessary maintenance as it was in original condition when I occupied it. Moreover, I have paid all utility bills and got the “Nil Liability Certificate” from the shopping mall administration. I request you to submit my security deposit to the shopping mall administration which I will collect while returning keys. I am shifting my business abroad due to unavoidable reasons and I will be available for next two weeks at my home address. If you have any complaint or issue, then please let me know at my home address or contact me through my landline number.

I am very grateful to you for your kind behavior and helping me to flourish my business through this shop.


Johnson Wordsworth

CEO, JW kids Shop, Moon Shopping Mall


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Lease Termination LetterLease Termination Letter

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