Acknowledgment Letter for Return of Company’s Property


I am Roshan Nexia, former Assistant Multimedia Manager, Teleonomies Multimedia Group of Company. I am writing this letter to respond/reply to the letter I received from the HR Department of the company. I intend to confess the responsibility inflicted upon me by the HR Manager of the company who penned to remind me to return the company’s property I was bestowed with the designation of Assistant Multimedia Manager. 

I hereby confess the possession of the company’s property mentioned in the checklist sent to me by the HR Manager which goes by directing to return the company’s property within one week of the reception of the warning cum reminder notice letter. I worked in this company for seven years which means we are in great acquaintance with each other as per the long period of time spent in this company. By the terms of good acquaintance, I request you to give me a little more time to return the company’s property.

The reason behind making this request is my inability to return in my personal capacity. I am in San Francisco due to some family commitments. I assure you of the return of the company’s property which includes a laptop, Mobile phone, company card, and two files on financing and auditing. I shall be back to Houston soon in October and shall make the return instant once I get back.

I acknowledge not only my possession of the company’s above-mentioned items but also the responsibility if any of them found damaged or in a reckless position. For more, I will be available at [email] or [phone]. I will be grateful to you if you be kind to accept a little delay in the return which will be, for sure, not later than early October. Thank you.


Roshan Nexia

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Re: Acknowledgement to the Company’s Property

Dear Nicholson,

I am Gerber Shel, intended to pen my acknowledgment to the company’s property. I have been Assistant Finance Incharge in your company since 2010. It makes me feel good to boast about sharing that I spent one decade with Rolene Star Group of Companies at a prestigious position, a place where, I always opine, the charm of work is unavoidable. 

I had to resign due to my migration to Sydney, Australia. After my resignation I could not hand the company’s property back to the authority because of my carelessness, I confess. Sir, I want to assure you of the return if you be kind enough to give me two months to return the company’s items. The company property I possess is in accordance with the checklist I received from the HR department through email. They warned me strictly to return the items otherwise a legal proceeding will be charged on me according to the local Law Enforcement of California. 

I am in Australia which makes it impossible for me to return the items; however, I assure you I will return the items once I get back to my hometown in California. I will be back on November 30th, 20XX, and will surely make the return my top priority. 

I also admit all my responsibility if any of the items found missing or damaged. I will, certainly, pay for or replace it for the inconvenience in case of damage or missed items. Those items include a laptop, a cell phone, keys to the cupboards in the warehouse, the company’s parking pass, and the company’s credit card. I shall be grateful if you please give me two months to make the return certain. For more queries, the company can contact me through my email [email] or call at [X]. Thank you!


Gerber shed

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