Maternity Leave Application for Office


With due respect, it is stated that my name is Paula Peterson currently working in Alexa Textile Mills since 2018. I had been hired as a worker in the textile weaving machine management and handling technicalities. A year ago I got married to a worker in the same mills and branch as a junior assistant design manager, and now I am expecting my first child in the coming two months.

Sir, as the delivery date approaches near, I face difficulty in standing for too long and my feet swell due to the condition. The doctor recommended me a maternity leave as there might occur some minor to major complications eventually due to long and hectic working hours.

Hence, I request you to grant me maternity leave for my last two months so that I may be able to deliver a safe and healthier child. My expected date of delivery is 22nd November this year so I need a leave till 30th November so that I can come back after the childbirth with better morale and health. I would be really obliged if my request is accepted.

Thanking you.

Yours truly,

Martha Jones
Machine Management Staff Member
Alexa Textile Mills, Texas

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Mr. Stuart Mark
Branch Manager,
White Flour Mills, Massachusetts

Dear Mr. Mark,

With due respect and regard, it is stated that my name is Brittaney Stephens and I am the assistant project manager in the design department of White Flour Mills. I have been working here since 2017 now and recently got married to an old friend of mine in a closed gathering a couple of years ago.

Now I am expecting my second child and it’s my final month going on. I am expected to deliver by the end of this ongoing month. It gets really hectic and tiring for me to manage office tasks even though the work allotted to me is sedentary. My doctor has suggested going on partial bed rest before the due date so that there are the least chances of any mishaps at the last moment.

Hence, I kindly request for the grant of maternity leave from the office for one month till 31st October 20XX so that the child is delivered safely and I will be able to manage my work back with better health. I would be extremely grateful to you for the consideration of this leave application and I hope you would comply as you understand the complications in this stage. Looking forward to your positive response.

Yours sincerely,

Brittaney Stephens
Assistant Project Manager
White Flour Mills

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