Company Name Change Announcement Letter

This is a letter that a company writes to its customers. In this letter, the company informs its customers that they are changing their name for some reasons. There may be various reasons for changing the name of the company. For example

  1. A company has been sold and the new owners want to run it under their new name.
  2. The Company has lost its reputation due to the poor quality of its products and its owner now wants to start it with a new name. But for this reason, the quality of the company’s products must be better than before.
  3. Sometimes there is an agreement between two companies under which they want to work together, and for this purpose, they suggest a common name. The new company wants to inform customers about its new name.
  4. A change of name can sometimes be a minor one. A company adds a word or two to the beginning or end of its name. There can be various reasons for this. Mostly, it is due to legal issues.
  5. It may also happen that a company is dissolved and the resulting new companies start their operations with some change in the original name.

Below are some letters to help you.


Hello to all our customers who have been trusting us for two decades.

This letter/email is to inform you of a change that we are bringing to everyone. This change is not about our services/products; it is about how we are heard and known among the people.

Due to some internal matters, the company is changing its name. In recent times, the company has sold its shares, and new people have joined the management. The change of name is among the few decisions that new management has taken. Now we will be working as [new name].

We hope that you continue to buy our services/products and keep your trust in us as always. We are committed to providing the best of our services.



We are very happy to announce that the agreement between [Company-A] and [Company-B] has been concluded. According to this agreement, the two companies will now work together.

One of the different clauses of the agreement is that the two companies will now operate under the same name. The name of this joint venture will be [new name].

We assure our customers that we will continue to improve our products and services. We will maintain all the standards that customers expect from us. Finally, we thank all our customers who trust us.


We are very happy to announce that we have purchased [Company Name]. [Company Name] has a distinctive identity in its products and services.

For some time, [Company Name] was suffering from various economic problems, and they needed new investors. We are giving strong economic support to [Company Name] and purchasing 80% of its market share.

We will try our best to make our products and services the best. We are committed to meeting the expectations of our customers. And finally, we want to inform you that now we are going to start [Company Name] with a new name.

The name of our new company will be [New Company Name].

Henceforth, all our communication and promotion of our products will be under this name. Hopefully, this change will prove to be a welcome change for us and our customers. Thank you very much for your trust.


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