Letter of Explanation of Employment Gap


Re. Explanation of the Employment Gap from February 20XX to July 20XX.

Dear Sir, I am John Wade from the LGD Town, Orlando. In this letter, I would like to explain the employment gap between February 20XX to July 20XX for the official record purpose of mortgage.

I had been working in Johnson Groups as a senior marketing manager since 2017. I was compelled to leave my job in February 2021 to look after my mother who broke her leg and got bed-ridden for a few months. Due to COVID-19, we were not able to find a caretaker for my mother and thus I had to take a step further by leaving my job. I requested the management to approve three months’ work from home, but it was denied.

Therefore, I left the job and stayed at home to look after my mother. I am the only son of my single parent and thus, it was not possible for anyone else to take this responsibility. During this period, I started working as a freelancer to manage my financial problems and worked on various websites as a remote worker and freelancer from mid-March 2021 to June 2021.

The above-given scenario has disabled me to pay for my mortgage in any aspect. Therefore, I insist that the gap in employment shall not affect my credit on my mortgage payments. You can call me to discuss it further if you have any other queries at +1-[X]. I thank you for reviewing my explanation.


John Wade
P-908 LGD Town, Orlando 40700
Florida, USA

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Re. Explaining Employment Gap for Mortgage Purposes.

Dear Sir,

This letter explains my employment gap between June 20XX to March 20XX for mortgage purposes. I have received a letter from FDS asking me to explain the cause of the employment gap from the mentioned time. Following is given a brief justification of employment intermission.

I started working in 2013 as an Assistant Marketing Manager in the GSD Group of Marketing and APS. In 20XX, aspiring for better opportunities, I left the job and started working as a Marketing Supervisor in a multinational group of industries working in Florida and California. Later, I was promoted from General Manager in 20XX. The year 20XX and incessant time are marked with the spike in coronavirus and its reverberations caused a lot of businesses to lay off temporarily and permanently.

Unfortunately, I was laid off, fortunately, for a temporary period. After being laid off I started working as a social media marketer for various websites and online stores. That was the only reason behind my employment gap. Copies of all the required documents have been enclosed that include my joining letter from both the companies, my promotion letter, and a letter explaining my layoff from the Managing Director.

For more, you can reach me by sending me an email at [EMAIL]. For any instant query, I can be contacted at +1-[X]. I am thankful to you for reviewing and providing me an opportunity to explain.


Geoffery Star
Lockhart House, 9th Building, Orlando
Florida, USA

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