Complaint Letter for Billing Error

The lifestyle of the mankind has been improved with the time. Once the word ‘facility’ was known to elite class only but now all the facilities are gradually spreading to rural areas and the common person is also availing the same. All our systems are automated and are being monitored remotely. Our billing system is computerized and hand written billing system almost vanishes.

All above-mentioned improvement has enhanced the ease in life and minimized the human error but the chances of error cannot be ruled out completely. There are many errors being reported daily instead of the computerized billing system. Therefore, this computer-generated bills and automated remote systems also need to be verified for their correct functioning. A complaint letter to the utility company, hotel and bill payment at the store can reimburse the money of effective person.

Complaint Letter for Billing Error

Frere Gardens
Henry De Watson
Block 35B, Columbus Avenue, New York.

July 14th, 2017

Mr. Robert Jackson.
Resort Hotel.
15 St. Race Court Avenue, Las Vegas.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I hope you are doing well and your business is flourishing. I stayed at your hotel last week during my visit to New York. I spent three days at the hotel which was very comfortable and remarkable with all regards. All the staff was very cooperative and all the facilities were as per the standard mentioned in the website. But I have a complaint about the billing which I was unable to check while paying the bill. As per the boarding and lodging Performa, I was informed that Breakfast is complimentary and no bill would be charged in this regard but at the end, I had to pay the bill for breakfast. Initially, I did not verify the bill but when I reached back to my station then I verified it and found an extra bill for the breakfast. I called the customer care service and I was informed to write a complaint letter along with the copy of the said Bill. I am sending the copy of the bill, therefore, kindly reimburse my extra bill and send money to my home address or pay via wire transfer.


Henry De Watson.


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Complaint Letter for Billing Error
Complaint Letter for Billing Error

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