Complaint Letter from Student for Low Grade

Education is the basic requirement of an individual to lead a successful life. And success comes with hard work. Hard work is the most fruitful asset anyone can have so far. Nothing can be achieved without it. All great people only succeeded with hard work. They did not worry about the difficulties faced in doing hard work. The students who make their motto for hard work never suffer from failures. In comparison, often a student faces the problem of lesser grades than his or her hard work. This problem leads to de-motivation and students start losing interest in their studies. It is the right of all students to get the grades per their hard work and effort. The teachers are solely responsible for being extra efficient and attentive regarding this matter. As if students feel injustice, they simply start following wrong directions. They start having grudges with their mates in return. When a student finds, such injustice regarding his grades, he can formally write to his teacher to make him aware. So, that possible amendment can be done.

Complaint Letter from Student for Low-Grade

Charlie Wordsworth
Block 23B, Big Bird Avenue, Florida.

September 23rd, 2017

Mr. Dylan Samuel
Florida National School
13 St. Dove Avenue, Florida.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I hope you are doing well. I am writing to complain about my grades of the spring assessment. I am not satisfied with the grades of my geography project and history essay. The project I was supposed to make in geography about floating oceans was awarded the first position in the project competition held last week. But, I got grade B. I am extremely disappointed. I must be given grade A as the Principal himself considered it the best. I did a lot of hard work on this project which can be easily seen on it. And, also, I got grade B on the history essay which is also against my hard work. I have completely followed the correct format and quotations you gave to the class for this essay. I always work hard to meet the required standards.

Please resolve my issue and contact me at [email protected]


Charlie Wordsworth.


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Complaint Letter from Student for Low Grade
Complaint Letter from Student for Low Grade

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