Letter Announcing the Appointment of New Chairperson

This letter is written to inform everyone working in the company that the company has appointed a new chairperson. Since this letter is about the new position vacant so everyone reading the letter will be curious to know about the new person. The letter should include the details related to the new individual such as his qualification, personal details, working abilities & achievements and past experience.

It should elaborate the job duties and responsibilities of the new chairperson. This will be helpful for the new workers of the company. Also, request the staff to cooperate with him on the progress and the development of the company.

The letter should be written in a positive tone and it should reflect the confidence and trust of the company in the person who has been hired as a chairperson. Include the dates when the newly hired chairperson will start working. At the end of the letter, write a positive note and your expectations from the chairperson.

Letter -1

Lauren Jamison has been appointed as the new president and chief executive officer of [Company Name]. She will take office on May 1.

“Ms. Jamison has a proven record of innovation and experience in the nonmetallic widget industry,” said David. Hansen, chairman of the Board of Directors of [Company Name]. “We are thrilled to add her vision and experience to our talented team.”

Lauren Jamison brings more than twenty years of experience in product design, manufacturing, sales, and management. She is currently executive vice president of Associated International, an Atlanta-based dowel and ferrule manufacturer.

“I look forward to joining such a dynamic company as [Company Name],” Ms. Jamison said, “I have much to learn, and I hope a great deal to teach”

Ms. Jamison will move to Lumbertown with her husband Jerry, a software engineer, and their two children, Marjorie and Sarah, who will enroll in Lumbertown High School in the fall.

Letter -2

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

We are very happy to announce that Mr. ABC will be our company’s new chairperson replacing [NAME HERE]. [NAME HERE] is a very talented person who has been working in the sales company for the last 20 years. We are happy to appoint such a capable person on this important position. We are excited since he/she has accepted our proposal and he/she is willing to perform his/her duties. We request our entire company staff to cooperate with our new chairperson so that he/she can fulfill his/her responsibilities smoothly.


[Your Name]

[Senders Title] -Optional-


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