Letter Announcing the Appointment of New Chairperson

This letter is written to inform everyone working in the company that the company has appointed a new chairperson. Since this letter is about the new position vacant so everyone reading the letter will be curious to know about the new person. The letter should include the details related to the new individual such as his qualification, personal details, working abilities & achievements, and past experience.

It should elaborate on the job duties and responsibilities of the new chairperson. This will be helpful for the new workers of the company. Also, request the staff to cooperate with him on the progress and development of the company.

The letter should be written in a positive tone and it should reflect the confidence and trust of the company in the person who has been hired as a chairperson. Include the dates when the newly hired chairperson will start working. At the end of the letter, write a positive note and your expectations from the chairperson.


We are pleased to announce that Mr. [name] has been appointed as the new Chairperson of our prestigious organization effective from [date].  Mr. [name] is a very experienced supervisor with a long experience in the field of banking and management. His last appointment was the head of investments in [name of company].

He has proved himself repeatedly, from bringing companies like [name of company] from the brink of collapse to making them a household name and exploring new and undiscovered avenues of growth. His wide experience and knowledge of E-commerce is another aspect, we are hoping this company would benefit from. A person of his competence would surely bring positive changes and new opportunities for growth for the company.

His job in our organization apart from supervising normal functioning would be to fully realize the potential of the company’s assets and this would enable us to add value to our shareholders hence increasing their trust and securing future investment by them.

His education [degree name] from [university name] and wide experience in related fields makes him a very appropriate candidate for this post and we are really looking forward to a time of growth and development for our company.


I am writing this letter to inform you about the appointment of a new Chairperson for our group of colleges. Mr. [name] is a renowned educationist and his contribution to the field of education is acknowledged both nationally and internationally.

He has a doctorate degree in Education Management from [university name]. His experience spanning over [number of years] years will be an asset for us as he has dealt with a variety of challenges over these years and we are confident that all that experience will help him in his new appointment.

His special focus would be improving the Research and Development area. Growth and progress, depend on constant learning. In addition, he intends to bring our sports teams to the national level. He has plans for improving the sports grounds and improving the overall sports facilities.

Providing Scholarships to deserving students has been our priority and this tradition would be continued in the future by the new Chairperson. He intends to bring more sponsors to our scholarship program.

We are lucky to have a person of his stature and hope that this would prove to be a long and fruitful working relationship and that our colleges truly benefit from his leadership.


We are very happy to announce that Mr. ABC will be our company’s new chairperson replacing [NAME HERE]. [NAME HERE] is a very talented person who has been working in the sales company for the last 20 years. We are happy to appoint such a capable person for this important position.

We are excited since he/she has accepted our proposal and he/she is willing to perform his/her duties. We request our entire company staff to cooperate with our new chairperson so that he/she can fulfill his/her responsibilities smoothly.


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