Incorrect Billing Amount Apology Letter

Making errors is natural for any person. But when such errors involve financial amounts, rectifying the error and writing apology becomes very important.

An incorrect billing amount apology letter should:

  • Begin the letter by saying sorry
  • Clearly, state the problem and explain what went wrong
  • Try to solve the problem by maintaining a healthy relationship with the client for future
  • Write the apology as soon as you get to know about the error
  • Focus on solutions to rectify the situation rather than placing focus on the mistake
  • Keep the letter brief and to the point
  • Never blame the customer. Take the complete responsibility of the error

Incorrect Billing Amount Apology Letter

Dear [recipient’s name],

We were reviewing our invoices, to make sure that we provide quality services to our customers and to keep an eye on any errors, as numerical errors are very easy and common to commit.

I was really embarrassed to discover an error on our invoice [number] which was sent to you on [date]. On examining the invoice carefully, I found that we had charged you for [units] when actually the units purchased were [units]. I will be grateful if you can also review your records to confirm the amount of [units] purchased to avoid any misunderstanding regarding the amount payable.

We will issue you a new invoice and nullify the previous one. The details of the new invoice are as follows:

  • [Enter Details]
  • [Enter Details]
  • [Enter Details]

I assure you that I will personally review all the invoices before they are sent to you in future. Feel free to discuss any concerns regarding this error and I will be more than happy to assist you.


[Your Name]

[Senders Title] -Optional-

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Incorrect Billing Amount Apology LetterIncorrect Billing Amount Apology Letter

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