Complaint Letter for Power Outage

The Discovery of electrons made marvelous changes in life and improved the complete life of the human. It is being used in every walk of life and life without electricity is almost impossible. Our home appliances, lights, businesses, and even medical facilities at hospitals are adjoined with the usage of electricity. Its requirement increased in extreme weather.

For example, in warm countries, its consumption becomes high, whereas, in cold countries, its consumption is raised during winters. We are so used to electricity that we cannot afford the power outage of fifteen minutes even. It seems that life is stopped whenever there is a power outage. It becomes the source of embarrassment also when power is out during an event or ceremony.

However, it is not necessary that this shortfall is forced by the power company. There may be any disruption in connection or line transmission. In other cases, storms and rain can also cause a shortfall of power. Therefore, whenever there is a regular breakdown, somebody should complain about it to resolve the issue.

Letter -1

I [name] resident of [area name] wants to register my complaint on behalf of all the residents of our apartments, regarding the frequent power outages. Due to no natural gas supply, apart from other things our community relies on electricity for cooking and keeping the house warm. In this scenario when we have such long and unpredictable power outages it becomes very difficult for us as everyday chores become very challenging.

When there is no electricity, there is no warm water or light either. There are students in our community who have to appear in annual exams by the end of this month and they are really upset as they can’t study in candlelight, shivering in the cold. The need for electricity can be felt especially in the evening when it gets extremely dark since the sun sets earlier in winters and the days are shorter. The weather is also very cloudy, which makes it even darker than usual.

Preparing food on time has become impossible and is very inconvenient for everyone. There are patients in our community. They cannot tolerate the cold and it is torturous for them to bear this cold rainy weather without heating. There are newborn children and toddlers in every other house who keep falling ill due to the cold.

These power outages become very bothersome especially when they are unannounced, as when we know that there will be no power from this time to that, we at least prepare food in advance and do other important chores, but when they are unannounced it becomes impossible to go about the day.

Please look into this matter urgently as it has destroyed our peace of mind and everyone big and small is disturbed.

Letter -2

Red Park Apartments
Peter Spencer
Block 34C, White Pearl Avenue, New Mexico.

18th December 20XX

Mr. Max Hector
Mexico Electricity Complaint Center.
35 St. Fifth Bridge Avenue, New Mexico.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am one of the residents of Red Park Apartments. It has been the third week that we are facing a continuous shortfall of two hours daily. It is the peak winter season and getting warm without a heater is not possible due to extreme weather conditions.

It is prudent to highlight that there is one medical dispensary located in our block which remains inoperative during the shortfall. Moreover, there are some medicines that do not need to freeze and continuous heat is required to keep them in liquid form.

Furthermore, at the time of power break down, my kids are busy in their studies and my wife is busy cooking. This power shortfall is greatly disturbing our life. Therefore, it is requested to solve the issue on an urgent basis to relieve me, my family, and forty other residents of the apartments.


Peter Spencer.


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