Complaint Letter for Wage Nonpayment

Workers play a key role to improve the production of the company. Only managerial staff cannot do anything till a time cooperative and motivated workforce is not available. This is the responsibility of the managerial staff to keep them motivated and solve their problems at the duty station.

Timely provision of salary is one of the basic rights that a worker owes. This not only motivates him but also fulfills his monetary requirement to serve his family. If someone is not getting his wage on time, then he would be mentally disturbed and cannot give focus attention to his work. In other words, we are depriving his loyalty by making a big mistake because he is spending his days and hours to get his wage for his family and other social requirements.

Therefore, this thing should be the prime focus of any company. On the other hand, if a worker is suffering from the said issue, then he should complain about it to his immediate boss and should follow the chain of command in the same way till the time issue is not resolved.


I want to register my complaint about the non-payment of my wages. On [date] I was contacted by your Office Administrator Mr. [name] for installing the light fixtures in your new branch located on [address]. It took me a week to complete all the work. After my work was completed, I called Mr. [name] and asked him to check the work and pay my dues. I was informed that he was busy in a meeting and would get back to me later.

I have been waiting for his call since then and whenever I call or visit your offices, I am informed that he is unavailable. It has been three months since I completed the task and I am still awaiting payment. This is highly unprofessional and unethical. I did not expect a big company like yours to be so unorganized and inconsiderate. I am not a rich person and I have a family to feed. Non-payment of wages on time is very inconvenient for me.

Please look into this issue at the earliest and clear my dues. Looking forward to swift action from your side.


I [name] resigned from my post of [designation] from your office on [date]. I was told by the finance department that my dues would be cleared within a month but I am still awaiting payment at the time of writing this letter on [date].  It has been a year and despite frequent reminders, I have still not received any payment or explanation for the delay.

You owe me an amount of [amount]. Please make the payment within five working days after receiving this letter. If payment is not made by then, I will be forced to take legal action. In case of legal action, you would have to pay the lawyer’s fees and a penalty too so it is better that things do not come to that.

You can transfer the amount owed as a bank transfer [bank details] or a cheque at my address [address]. Looking forward to swift action and a positive response from you.


Ebro Steel Mills
Oliver Harrison
56 St. Downtown Avenue, Washington DC.

Mr. Andy Leonardo
Head of Department Operations
Ebro Steel Mills
24 St. Bridge Avenue, Washington DC.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I hope you are doing well. I am a boiler operator in the steam department of your company since 2006. I used to get a weekly wage until last year December. Then it was decided by the management to provide me the salary on monthly basis. However, I did not get the salary since January 17 to date. I am constantly complaining to the manager for the said issue but in vain.

It has been four months and it is very difficult for me to survive further even a week without my wage. Furthermore, I will not be able to come to the company and I will file a case in court. It is my humble request to solve my issue and my salary of four months may be added to my account.


Oliver Harrison.

Boiler Operator, Ebro Steel Mills.


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