Request Letter to Change Invoice with Revised Rates

Sample Letter -1

Subject: Request letter to change invoice with revised rates

Dear Johnson,

I am Brett Lee, a regular customer of your company. I am writing you this letter to draw your attention to an error in the invoice regarding product rates. Owing to this, I want you to change this invoice of mine with a new one based on revised rates. Every month, I do hopping from your company and I had never faced such a condition before. But this time the invoice that has been generated on the 12th of August 20XX has been found to contain definite errors regarding product rates that have been revised.  

On the 12th of August, I purchased a set of 4 chairs from your company outlet located at [name of place]. The price of each piece was USD 90, and I was charged at the same rate for that purchase. On reaching my office, I checked from your company’s website and found that there has been a significant reduction in the prices of your company’s products and that particular piece of the chair was showing the price as USD 81 while you had sold me 4 pieces of the same chair on old rates. That’s why I request you to change my invoice with a new one having revised and discounted rates.

I understand this misinformation may have been caused due to human error. For further details and verification, you can also check your own billing records of the said date.

I hope you will entertain my request as soon as possible thereby allowing me to avail of an exciting discount of USD 36 according to revised rates. I am waiting for your positive response and thank you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,

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Sample Letter -2

Subject: Request letter to change invoice with revised rates

Dear Robert,

I am writing you this letter to inform you about a mistake in your invoice regarding revised and discounted rates. Due to this reason, I want my invoice to be replaced by another one with revised product rates. I have been a regular customer of your company and referring others to you which shows my level of sincerity with you. I am expecting the same from your side as well. I believe that this invoice may have been issued to me by mistake.  

On the 12th of August 20XX, I purchased 8 cushions for my office. The price of all pieces was USD 600 which means that each cushion was pricing about USD 75. Later, one of my friends told me that company has revised the rates of cushions with a significant decrease in prices. According to him, the same cushion should have been sold for USD 50. When I checked from your website, I came to know that the revised rate for this product was the same as told by my friend and it meant that I had been charged USD 200 more.

Keeping in view my request and considering the mistake from your side, I request you to generate a new invoice for me with revised rates so that I would be able to enjoy a discount of USD 200 which is a handsome amount for a mediocre like me. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours truly,

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