Email to Staff Advising Everyone to Respect

Sample -1

Dear Team,

I hope you all are doing great. The purpose of writing this email to you is to ensure some of the rules to be implemented at the workplace the way they should have always been. We, the members of the disciplinary committee, have been encountering some minor yet totally unacceptable issues at the office regarding some disrespectful attitudes shown by some of the employees on different occasions.

As an employee, it becomes your first obligation to respect and obey your InCharge for sure but at the same time, you are supposed to respect each other in the best probable way as well to maintain a healthy and serene environment at the place of work.

It is quite understood that you cannot like every single person around you for one reason or the other, but what you must do is to stay respectful towards them under any circumstances. You should never forget the importance of respect no matter how harsh the situation gets.  

Respecting each other provides a creative atmosphere where people can easily share their ideas without the fear of getting bullied or laughed at. This also results in an increased group effort and the company can get greater results. 

I am quite positive that you have noted these points in your checklist, and we will never have to discuss this issue again because of some demeanor subject.

Hope to find you all in great spirits from right tomorrow!


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Sample -2

Dear All!

This email has some strong footings to be discussed right away to avoid any kind of complications at the workplace. We have noticed that some of the employees show some disrespectful attitude towards their coworkers because either they are juniors to them, or they come from a different background anyway.

Let me be very precise in declaring that such attitude is strongly condemned and prohibited when you are at a place where people from different backgrounds and ethnicities come to showcase their talent and the company gets the best out of it. No one has the right to say even a single bad thing against the other person who deserves as much respect as all of you do no matter what.

The company wants to create a thorough harmony among all of you and wants you to understand the importance of respect at the office where you spend most of the active hours of your day. Try to create a vigorous atmosphere for the betterment of your institute so that we all could get the possible benefits from the potential teamwork.

We are quite optimistic to see a vivid change in the atmosphere of the company right away.


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