Letter of Cancellation of an Event

The field of event management is gaining wide acceptance. It is a type of occasion including celebration, discussion, the creation of a new name, etc. Nowadays, all new business and brand launch activities are followed by events to achieve the targeted objective or goal. Events have obtained special acceptance in modern society. Events are of many types like fashion shows, conferences, Christmas, weddings, fairs, etc.

A proper channel is followed by the management of an event. Event planning is done to achieve the required target. The elements include objectives, planning, organization, research, design, layout, etc.

Risk is also an important factor in event planning. The risk can be categorized into planning risk and happening risk. Sometimes, situations cause the event to cancel. For this purpose, all formal update regarding the event is given to all the attendees. Risks can be of various types like property damage, death, injury, natural circumstances such as weather issues. For the cancellation of an event, a formal letter is written in which the reason is told.


It is my sad duty to inform you that the exhibition being held on [date] at [venue] has been canceled. This event was planned to showcase the work done by crafters and home-based businesses and to provide them with a platform to display their work to a larger audience.

We were expecting a footprint of [number] and all the preparations were underway. However, now the event has to be canceled due to unforeseen reasons. The reason for cancellation is the weather forecast, as it has been predicted that a snowstorm is expected on the same dates on which the event was planned. It cannot be moved ahead as the venue is booked for the entire month after that.

We regret any inconvenience this decision would cause you but it was inevitable and has been taken to ensure the safety of the sellers and the visitors.

Please share your account details so that the money you had deposited to book your stall can be returned to you.

Looking forward to working together in the future.


To whom it may concern

I regret to inform you that the spring walk planned on [date] has been canceled. As you are well aware that this walk was organized to raise awareness about Diabetes and after many months in lockdown everyone was looking forward to having a day out in the sun together while spreading awareness about a disease that is affecting 10% of the global adult population.

While no one can deny the importance of this event the reason for cancellation is just as urgent and unavoidable. It is because of the rising number of Covid cases in our city. The positive cases have risen above [percentage] and hence the city government has decided to impose the lockdown again.

Although we are disappointed that the walk which all of us were looking forward to, has been canceled, we understand that the threat is real and all of us have to be as careful as we can. We respect the government’s decision and the need to stay indoors and safe. The only way to control the rising number of deaths from this pandemic is to follow the government’s SOPs.

Looking forward to a positive response from all of you.


Hope for Life Foundation
Charlie Wilson
Block 33C, Central Bluebird Avenue, New Hampshire.


Mr. Mark Lewis
Donors and Receivers Corp.
Block 21D, Hill Top Avenue, New Hampshire.

Dear [Recipients Name],

We regret to inform you that the fundraising ceremony of Hope for Life Foundation which was to be held on 18th January 20XX is canceled. The reason for the cancellation is the sudden illness of our beloved chief guest Mr. Henry De Wheelock. He suddenly got sick and is going to have a major operation. We are praying for his good health. As being the founder of Hope foundation, we wish him to get well soon.

A special Prayer ceremony is going to be held today in the Winston Church. Hope you will participate. The fundraising ceremony will be rescheduled after three weeks. All the attendees will be informed formally about the day, date, and timings. We apologize for any inconvenience. We hope that you understand our situation.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


Charlie Wilson.

Assistant Manager, Hope for Life Foundation.


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