Acceptance Letter to Speak at a Conference

Since our childhood, parents and teachers try to build up a confidence that is needed in every walk of life. One cannot perform well in life until the time his confidence level is not high. He should be able to convey his feeling or thoughts confidently. Therefore, our schools and colleges hold a different competition of dramatics and speeches etc. to enhance the confidence level and build up speaking powers in their students and this is not possible without practice or positive participation in these competitions. This is necessary so that when these young ones will enter in their professional life this is the main ability which can lead them to positive future and let them speak freely their ideas to convey the message. This speaking power is also needed in different conferences to approve one’s view or his company’s view. This is why; the company always recommends an individual or a team to speak at a conference that has a higher confidence level, speaking power, and good appearance.

Acceptance Letter to Speak at a Conference


Innovators Corporation
William Bullock
21 St. Crystal Bird Avenue, New Mexico.

11th May 2017


Mr. Peter Hayden
Marketing Manager
Innovators Corporation.


Dear [Recipients Name],

I am pleased to inform you that Managing Director has accepted my recommendation to spare you for a/an [NAME} international conference in Dubai. Moreover, you would be representing our company and answerable to the entire queries asked by the participants of the conference. Therefore, I would like to advise you to prepare a good presentation and rehearse well before showing it to Managing Director. Furthermore, if you do not know the answer to any question then no need to pass any wrong statement at conference room about the company. Just take the email or cell number of the person asking the question and clear him afterwards. You have a lucky chance to prove yourself and this participation will improve your career.  My best wishes are with you. Stay blessed.

Looking forward to your kind concern.


William Bullock

Assistant Managing Director, Innovators Corporation.


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Acceptance Letter to Speak at a ConferenceAcceptance Letter to Speak at a Conference

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