Donation Thank You Letter

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Subject: Donation thank you letter

Dear Williams,

I hope you will be doing well these days. My name is Johnson, CEO of The Citizens Foundation, Michigan and I want to say thank you on behalf of my whole team for your continuous support towards foundation which has recently been witnessed in the form of a donation of US$5000/- for making the lives of needy children better and enabling them to become a useful citizen of the society.

By virtue of your earlier donations, we had been able to extend the circle of our services outside the state of Michigan and it helped us towards the accomplishment of our mission. By virtue of the donations from you and other generous people, we had done a lot for the society like the building of school from our organization where free education is imparted to the needy children. Technical education is another beneficial aspect of that school which helps them search for better employment opportunities.

Apart from education, children are also provided with the food twice a day as long as they stay within the premises. So collectively, we are playing our part and striving hard for the betterment of society. This would have not been possible without the sincere support provided by you and other kind-hearted people around us.

Saying thank you again, I assure you that each penny of the amount that you have donated to us will be spent on the mission stated above. If you want to see the progress in the above-mentioned aspects, you are welcome to visit our school or organizational office physically or you may visit us online at [website address].

Yours faithfully,

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Sample -2

Subject: Donation thank you letter

Dear Johnson,

I, Michelle Anderson, being the CEO of Stars Foundation, want to say thank you very much for your generosity in the form of a donation of US$ 10000/-. My whole team appreciates your efforts you are putting in order to make the lives of needy people better and providing them better facilities of life.

Our foundation is helping those people of the community who are suffering from bad quality food, loss of shelter, and improper medical facilities due to certain factors such as domestic violence, job loss, illness, injuries, and low wages. No one knows what is going to happen with him next day. So, we all could be susceptible to these disasters. Our foundation tries to minimize the loss that occurred to the people by means of helping them both financially and morally.

It is due to the kind-hearted people around us that we are helping needy and poor families to meet their basic needs. Apart from this, we are now looking forward to working for their brighter future through introducing various community-oriented programs such as job training, free education, moral support, guidance and counseling, technical assistance, and building of temporary homes for the people without any shelter.

We are working for a noble purpose and I hope you will continue to assist us and at the same time, I assure you that your donation will only be spent on the betterment of society.  If you want to witness how we are making differences in the lives of needy people, you are warmly welcome to visit our field operations, otherwise you may visit our website for the same purpose. Once again thank you for your kind support.

Yours affectionately,

Michelle Anderson.

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