Poor Services Apology Letter

Maintaining a consistently good service is very hard for any company. Keeping up the service levels high at all times can be very challenging resulting in poor customer service at certain events. A poor service apology letter is written by the management to apologize for the poor service delivered. These letters are normally written as a response to a complaint made by a customer. A senior personnel or a senior manager is responsible for answering the complaints of their customers by means of such letters. The letter should state any steps taken by the management to deal with the complaint.

An apology letter should:

  • Have a very polite tone
  • Mention some actions taken as a remedy to make the customer feel valued
  • Include a brief description stating the reasons for providing poor service
  • State that the company accepts their mistake and will take measures to not repeat the mistake again

Poor Services Apology Letter

Dear [recipient’s name],

Your anger over poor performance on our service contract seems absolutely justified. If I were in your position, I would have been equally or more upset. We have been in conversation with our staff responsible for providing you with the services. Your objections are genuine and your words are our bond. We will inspect the services each time the service personnel attends you. We are keeping a close eye on our shortcomings and lack of attention will not be accepted from any service personnel.

I would like to hear your feedback the next time you receive our services. We are determined to rectify our mistake, making sure it never happens again.


[Your Name]

[Senders Title] -Optional-

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Poor Services Apology LetterPoor Services Apology Letter

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