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Now a day, knowledge is on single click far from us. We can search for the solution to all kinds of problems through the internet. But we are moving in the wrong direction too with the growth of technology. These charming mobile applications have taken time from us that we were used to spending with our family, with our friends, on the playground, completing our homework, and doing exercise for mental relaxation.

However, the methods of exercise have been improved and they required certain exercises machines for work out. Now, it is not necessary to mark a ground for exercise and spend hours for fitness.

This has become possible because of machinery that requires less space at home and less time to focus on your fitness. On the other hand, these machines provide pure focus on certain body parts instead of general body exercise; therefore, any body part can be improved depending upon the personnel’s wish.

The companies providing the exercise machines are also providing the repair services and warranty to fix the problem in them. Therefore, in the case of any complaint, a letter can be written to a service center to solve the issue.


I want to register a complaint regarding the treadmill I ordered from your website on [date]. I received my order [order number] on [date]. The first issue I faced was that the treadmill was not packed properly and had many scratches on it.

A few screws were loose as well and one of its legs was smaller than the rest, so when you would stand on it, it would wobble. After I had fixed this problem the treadmill worked quite well but the emergency switch is loose and got pulled by accident and the treadmill stops abruptly and without any warning. This is not just an annoyance but dangerous too as the treadmill stops with a sudden jerk and causes discomfort.

I called your helpline and I was informed that this issue would resolve itself with time as I get used to the machine but clearly this is not the case. No matter how careful the person using the treadmill is, you still cannot avoid this is as the switch is loose and the emergency lever gets pulled. Please either send someone to fix the treadmill or send me a replacement.

At the time of purchase, I went through the warranty documents very thoroughly and saw that in case of any error in the machine it would be repaired or replaced within two months. I want to claim this option.

Looking forward to swift action from your side.


I want to register a complaint about the dumbbells I ordered online from your website. First of all, I was informed that they would be delivered in a week but the dumbbells arrived a month late. I received my order today but on opening the package I was very disappointed because one of the dumbbells weighed 2 KG and the other weighed 3 KG, whereas I had ordered 5 KG dumbbells. Also, the dumbbells have scratches on them and do not look new. The quality is very substandard and nothing like the description given on the website.

According to your website, you offer a money-back guarantee. I would like to claim that. Please send me a returning address and I will send these back. I am sharing my bank details so that you can refund my amount. [Bank details]

Looking forward to swift action from your side.


Resort Residency
Jack D. Wilson
Block 40C, Beach Avenue, New Jersey.


Mr. Xavier Wordsworth
Shining Equipment Company.
21 Town St. Sun Set Avenue, New Jersey.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I hope you are fine. I have bought a treadmill from your company two weeks ago, this machine provides the features of pulse rate, time, and distance covered by the individual. Since the first day, it is not providing the exact distance covered by an individual on its screen. I went through the user manual but no useful information in this regard is provided to the users.

I had also made a phone call to customer care services but I got nothing instead of a few useless instructions. Therefore, it is requested that the problem may be solved on an urgent basis and a warranty may be claimed for the said issue as deemed appropriate.

Looking forward to your urgent response.


Jack D. Wilson.


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