Illegal Parking Complaint Letter

Illegal activities are always highlighted everywhere. The people in all concerns try to avoid illegal actions. Illegal activities are strongly condemned by the general public. There are various activities that are considered illegal like smuggling, corruption, software piracy, narcotics and illegal parking, etc.

The government of all countries has strong rules and policies against all kinds of illegal activities. People who never follow the proper rules and laws are always punished. Strict and strong action on illegal issues results in the reduction of crimes. In the issue of parking, it is a general courtesy to park properly in the right area. One should not park the car in those areas where no parking board is available.

People should also not park in reserved areas. When illegal parking is done, a complaint is sent to the traffic police or owner of the locality to resolve the issue. The complaint letter must specify the details related to illegal parking to analyze and resolve the issue for prompt responses.


I am a resident of [address] and your marquee is located right next to our housing society. Every other day people attending the events in your marquee park their cars in front of our houses and the main road especially rendering it difficult to access the main entrance. This illegal parking is a nuisance, as in case of any emergency, it becomes a hurdle for the ambulance, police, or the fire department to reach the affected area.

It is very inconvenient and the problem is increasing day by day due to the wedding season starting. We are registering our complaint with you but in case of in-action, we intend to take this issue to the authorities as this is very troublesome for all the residents and not tolerable at all.  Please arrange appropriate parking for your marquee and stop letting it out until the arrangements have been made for an alternate more suitable parking.

Looking forward to a swift and positive response from your side.


I am registering my complaint against the illegal parking due to the new plaza built in our housing society. It is built in the middle of the residential area and all the visitors leave their cars on the road in front of our houses blocking our entrances and making it very difficult for us to enter or leave our homes. These visitors also litter the space outside our homes.

The situation is really getting out of hand and we find it intolerable as our everyday routines are affected and this invasion of our privacy is disturbing us.

This is leading to arguments between the residents and the visitors and might turn into a bigger issue if not handled satisfactorily. Please look into this issue and stop this illegal parking as it is against our rights. We have a right to our privacy and a right to the space in front of our houses.

This is one of the most exclusive housing societies of the city and we have paid highly for the comfort and privacy it offers but after the construction of this plaza, we have lost our peace of mind. It is impossible to go out for a walk due to the rowdy crowds gathered outside and our guests constantly complain about the congested streets making it impossible to park their cars within a reasonable distance. I am attaching pictures of the area on a typical weekday.

I hope you understand the gravity of the situation and address this problem. We would really appreciate if you closed the plaza until appropriate parking arrangements have been made.

Looking forward to swift action from your side.


Bolete Restaurant
David Wheelock
45 St. square Bridge Avenue, Los Angeles.


Mr. Nicholas Butler
Mayor Office South.
10 South St, Round Bridge Avenue, Los Angeles.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am David Wheelock owner of Bolete Restaurant. I have a complaint about illegal parking at Ocean View Apartments. The building is adjacent to my restaurant. The residents of the building have started parking their cars in front of my restaurant. It has been more than a month; I am having this issue. I have reserved parking for my restaurant.

My customers are having much difficulty in parking. I am receiving a lot of complaints on daily basis. This issue is deeply affecting the popularity of my restaurant. I had sent the complaint letter to the owner of Ocean View Apartments twice, but nil response. Today I am writing to you to resolve my issue. As you are the Mayor of Cape Town, I hope you will resolve my issue as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to your kind cooperation.


David Wheelock.

The Owner, Bolete Restaurant


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