Request Letter to Submit Invoice on Time

Letter -1

Dear Employee, (mention your employee’s correct name to make it more inclusive)

It is intimated to you that we, at 5 Star Marketing, are revisiting company policies as per the annual evaluation and the company has made a few notable changes in the finance department.

All the employees are requested to submit their invoices on the 30th of each month to get the payment at right time. Previously, we have had quite a lenient policy in this regard owing to which the finance department had to undergo multiple inconveniences which were bothersome for both employees and the board. Moreover, a number of workers have been complaining about late cheques recently. Because of these factors, we have decided to change the invoice submission date as mentioned above.

We would also like to take this opportunity to bring a relevant issue to your attention. The company has been keeping a record of all the employees who delay the submission. Workers who do not submit their invoices on time will be penalized as per the new rules and regulations with immediate effect and there will be no exceptions made in this regard.

We also request you to mention the precise date and the other relevant details of the bill for authenticity. A sample template of the new format is enclosed in this letter for your convenience.


Mark Joe,
Finance Department,
5 Star Marketing

Size: 20 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


Letter -2

Dear Vendor, (mention vendor’s full name here)

I am writing this letter to you to bring a crucial matter to your attention which I had been lenient about previously. However, since it’s been creating difficulty for both parties, I believe it is high time we address this concern.

According to the record I have been keeping with all my vendors, you are showing irresponsible behavior in terms of submitting the invoices on time. My finance team is having difficulties processing payments and bills on time due to your procrastination in forwarding the invoice. Moreover, your salary cheque was also delivered late to you on account of receiving a late receipt.

I request you to revisit your professional decorum and stick to the date announced for invoice submission to avoid any inconvenience. Furthermore, the company is applying new policies regarding this issue as per which, any late submission will be subjected to stringent disciplinary actions including a deduction of a fair amount from the concerned vendor’s payment. The print of new protocols is enclosed within this letter for your facility. The company has no tolerance policy in this regard with immediate effect.

I hope we will not need to discuss this issue again as I highly expect your cooperation in this regard. We have had a healthy business relationship and I expect it to remain within the same boundaries. Thank you for your services!


Mark Buffalo,
ABC Solutions

Size: 21 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



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