Recommendation Letter for a Colleague

A letter of recommendation is what is also called a reference letter. Recommendation letters are written in order to assist people to get good jobs, getting selected for training programs, joining workshops, etc. Sometimes, recommendation letters are also written for procedures like adoption, etc. There is no set format for a recommendation letter, however, the writer or the person who is recommending should write this letter in a convincing tone.

A mention of the referred person’s character and achievements should be made and the reader should be told how the referred person could prove beneficial for them. It should, however, not be overlooked that in reference or recommendation letters you are responsible for what you write. Writing letters for people who do not deserve a referral or recommendation is nothing but snatching the right of a deserving candidate.


I write this letter to you to refer a colleague of mine for a vacancy of [Job Description] published by your company. Mr./Ms. [Name of applicant] is a Ph.D. in [Discipline] from [Name of Institution]. He/She has [number of years] teaching experience in numerous reputed institutions, including Quaid e Azam University, Islamic International University, and National University of Science and Technology, where he is currently serving as a Professor of [name of discipline] since [year]. He has also collaborated on numerous international research projects with teams from the UK, Germany, and South Korea.

Apart from the above-mentioned extensive and diverse academic experience, he/she has served in a variety of managerial positions both in the public and private sectors. He/she has been the Director of Research at the National Institute of Medical Sciences, advisor to the Director of General Technology at the Ministry of Science and Technology, and member of the “Technology Vision 2030” task force.

As advertised in your job description for the particular appointment, it is evident that the incumbent is required to not only provide direction to your company’s diverse products research portfolio but also liaise with numerous public and private agencies for Government approval of rollouts.

Mr./Ms. with a rich public and private background in fields as diverse as research, academics, and Government projects is ideally equipped to handle the diverse portfolio. In addition to the aforementioned professional traits, Mr./Ms. is blessed with outstanding personality traits. He/She is an honest and loyal team player, blessed with the highest qualities of leadership and character.

I am also attaching a C.V. of the applicant, which he/she has also forwarded separately with the job application. I am sure that Mr./Ms. will be an excellent addition to your company, who will be able to make a significant contribution to your vision of excellence and innovation.


To Whom It May Concern

My name is [enter name] and I am working at [enter organization] as [enter title]. I am writing this letter to you in order to recommend Mr. [enter name] for the vacancy of [enter detail] at your company.

I have been working with him since [enter period] and during that time I found him a very hardworking and capable employee who is always ready to accept challenges. He was one of the few employees at our workplace whose every project went successfully.

Since he is leaving this city and will be shifting his household to [enter city], he is looking for employment at your office. Kindly consider this recommendation in his favor. I am sure he will not disappoint you.

For further details, you can contact me at [123-4567-8901].  Thank you!


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