Letter of Concern about Colleague’s Behavior


I would like to highlight an ongoing issue that is perturbing me all the time. One of my colleagues named [Enter Name], who is in the (mention Department Name), looks down upon me every time she needs to discuss any stuff. I have been ignoring her demeanor for a long time but I believe this is the right time to address this problem.

Being a part of this globally reckoned institute, I never thought that I could face a problem like this working with all the intellectuals here. But sadly, she thinks that coming from a different ethnicity than hers is no less than a crime. She always makes me feel super uncomfortable due to my background and cracks sarcastic jokes regarding my way of life.

To strengthen my statement, I would like to state an incident that happened on {Mention Date and Day} in front of {Mention Name} while we were enjoying our lunch break. She suddenly started demeaning me and my people for no good reason and expressed her feeling of despising without any hesitation. I felt quite degraded and embarrassed at that moment but decided to keep quiet and report the incident to you.

I am very much positive that you will take actions accordingly to eradicate such identity-related issues to never happen ever again in the company as it becomes difficult at times to cope up with such unwanted issues when there is already a bundle of things to take care of at the workplace.


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My name is {Enter Name} and I work in your {Mention Department} as {Mention Designation}. The reason behind writing this letter to you is to bring a serious issue to your attention so that things could become but easier and smooth. I have been facing some behavioral issues at the workplace by one of my seniors named {Mention Name}.

Last week on {Mention Date and Day}, we were working on a report together and he was supposed to guide me since it was my first report of this kind. But he scolded me every time I tried to ask him a question. I somehow, ignored that considering there must be some real pressure on him regarding deadline and so on, but this did not end here.

This behavior has become kind of a routine matter for him and he never spares a moment to insult me no matter what. Therefore, I request you to take the matter into your account and solve it accordingly so that before coming to the office I do not have to worry about this unhealthy atmosphere that I have been facing for no good reason.

Hoping to hear from you soon!


Size: 19 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



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