Request Letter for Authorization of the Use of Land


Re. Authorization of the Use of plot P-0981/B

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am drafting this letter to request to you to authorize the specifically mentioned land for the use of a one-month eye clinic camp. I want to use the land located at the plot number p-0981/B, Regency Mall Roadside which comes under area 24323 of Omaha in the U.S state of Nebraska. This plot is a barren land that is empty for a long time and is in no use. The land was a disputed land from 20XX to 20XX which was then handed to the local government due to the lack of jurisdiction on this land.

I am a social activist and I want to help the regional people of Regency Mall Roadside of Omaha. The people there lack basic facilities. I want to hold an eye examination camp for thirty days. During this specific period of time, people will come for the examination and will be examined free of cost. I am taking a British Doctor James Mill with me and his crew. I have completed all the formal documentation for this purpose. Final approval is needed at your kind deposit.

I request you to accent with my request and approve the authorization of the aforementioned land for the use of an eye examination clinic from 1st November 20XX to 30th November 20XX. This is not only for the complete benefit of the people living there but also for the benefit of the local government of Omaha. I humbly request you to authorize the use of this land. I have enclosed all the required documents and personal details which have been duly attested by the official.

Thanks in anticipation


Joseph Ray,
Milson Street, Omaha
Nebraska, USA

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Re. Authorization of Use of Property for Pharma Company

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to request you to approve the authorization of the land for the use of a pharma company. I am Kenny Will from Nebraska and have been doing business in the field of pharma and medicine. My business has been flourishing and it is successfully meeting all the business ideals at this pace. My company which is named Razack Pharmaceuticals has many branches in the different cities of the state of Nebraska.

Now I want to extend my business outside Nebraska too for which I have decided to begin from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At the end of the residential area near Riverside, the land is located at Paten Street 10 sector 1. The area is out of the residential area and bears no hindrance in the regularities of residential and commercial areas. Moreover, this locality and place of authorization attempt to fulfill all the requirements that are required to build a pharmaceutical or medicinal company according to the US Law of the State.

I request you to send your inspection team for the inspection and site check so that I may further proceed with my work and start my business without any halt. I have enclosed all the details with this letter which includes my personal details, details related to Razack Pharmaceuticals, land location, and the details about the owner of the land who will rent this place to me for the company settlement.

I shall be highly obliged.

Thanking in anticipation.


Kenny Will,
Street G-12/2 James Hill Port
Omaha, Nebraska, USA

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