Introduction Letter for a Teaching Position

This is a letter written as a job application at some educational institute in your field of study and an interest as a teacher or instructor. It must contain all of your academic records and previous teaching experience details.

The letter is written in an appealing way that will make this application stand out among other applicants. Make them known of your worth by establishing an impression of your talent and intelligence. Following is a written letter that can be used for this matter.


I write this letter to apply for a teaching position advertised by your institution on the school website for [name of position]. As per the advertised position, your institute is looking for an experienced and qualified [subject/field name] teacher. I take this opportunity to apply for the position and elaborate my credentials:-

  • I have [number of years] experience of teaching [subject(s)] in three reputed institutes of the city i.e., [names of institutes]
  • I have also attended several teaching workshops organized by these institutes and other Government and Private organizations, including the USAID and British High Commission in Pakistan
  • During my above-mentioned tenures, I have actively participated in many extra-curricular events that included national debating and dramatics competitions
  • Most importantly, my students have managed to achieve excellent grades in all relevant grading exams

I have attached certificates, newspaper clippings, and photographs/links to all the above-mentioned achievements to this letter. In addition to the documentary testimonials, I welcome any background check from my previous institutes, who will corroborate my dedication and professionalism to the noble profession of teaching.

I am confident that if given the opportunity, I will fulfill your expectations and be able to contribute towards a better future for the students of your esteemed institution.


I am writing to apply for the job of Assistant Professor in your reputed institution. I have done MS in Telecom Engineering from [university name]. Currently, I am teaching as a visiting lecturer in [university name]. I have five years’ experience in teaching BE students, calculus, electronics101, and introduction to computing. I have been working as visiting faculty till now but now I want to switch to a full-time job.

I believe that teaching is a very noble profession as it enables one to help nurture the leaders and scientists of the future. These are the people who will shape the future. Guiding them and teaching them the tools that would help them explore the areas of their interest is a very important job and I always try to make it interesting instead of limiting it to the coursebook I try to introduce them to the basics and encourage them to explore it on their own. I believe in student-led teaching where the student’s interest determines the scope of the course.

I am attaching my CV and my degrees along with my previous work experience certificates. Also, I am attaching my references who can attest to my work ethic and professionalism.

Looking forward to a positive response from your side.


Sana Patrick
56- Lorena Park, NY
August 25, 20XX

[Recipient’s Name]

Subject: Introduction for the Teaching Position [X]

Dear [recipient’s name],

I hope that this letter finds you well. I am writing in order to show myself as a potential applicant for the teaching position you have for the 5th-grade students at Fort Carol Community Schools System. I am a graduate of the University of Stanford with a distinction in literature subjects. And later I did a diploma of two years in teaching from the Academy of Sciences and literature. I learned of the opening through a notice posted on Job Way, an online job database.

My academic background along with curriculum development skills are something worth utilization. I have a two-year of teaching experience as a HOD for the department of literature at Frank Douglas High School.

I am confident that as a teacher in your school system, I can create a productive learning environment that is student-centered. I welcome the opportunity to discuss with you in person my ideas and qualifications. My contact details along with my academic records, achievements, and previous work experiences are enclosed in the envelope. I hope to receive a positive response from your institute and I look forward to working together with you in the future.

Thank you very much.

Yours Sincerely,
Sana Patrick


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