Letter to Show Disappointment with Salary

Sample -1

Re. Revealing the Dissatisfaction and Disappointment with the Salary Package Granted w.r.t. Notification No. 0932-D9 Contradicting the Scale Value of the Group

Dear Sir, I am extremely disappointed with the erroneous calculation of the degree of payment in accordance with the pay scale value. I was recruited as an Assistant Textile Designer on the scale of ST-10. The scale of ST-10 is equivalent to the Federal Employment Scaling of E-13. I have completed one month in the office and I received my salary today. After receiving the salary, I realized that the salary is lower than the anticipated amount.

When I got to the Accounts Department, I was informed that the salary of the scale ST-10 is the same here in the office. Sir, when I was recruited, I was told that the scale of ST-10 is equivalent to the scale by Federal and State Governments i.e. E-13. The salary of the employees working in E-13 is 10% more than what is granted here on scale ST-10.

This is a very saddening and unfortunate experience of getting contradictory information. I am much discouraged and disappointed by this discrepancy at the end of the Human Resources. I request you to look into this matter and review the pay scales. The payments should also be in accordance and equivalent with other credentials.

I am looking forward to your quick response. I also request you to have all the calculations on scale setups examined and reviewed along with our Finance Manager and other members of the Finance and Accounts Department. I request you to instruct the department to make it highly transparent and smooth to calculate the scales of the designations w.r.t salary payments. Please respond to me by writing to me at [EMAIL].


Ross Geller
The Assistant Textile Designer
Carax Group of Textile Industries
340-D Sector 901, Derrick Avenue, Hall Road
San Diego, CA, USA

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Sample -2

Re. Intimating the Disappointment on the Salary Package w.r.t. Salary Slip no. 230-March

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to express my concern about my salary paid in March-April 20XX. Before delving into the core issue of salary and my response on that, I would like to express my complete confidence in the system and the company’s authorities. Every company and individual is prone to yield erroneous outcomes at various points whereas there is always room for improvement and up-gradation. Therefore, I am writing this letter to show my concern on the matter of salary paid to me.

I was informed that employees from the department of Manufacturing are going to get a salary increment as per their Employee Review Report of January-March 20XX as per their performance. I was expecting a considerable increase in my salary as my performance remained very yielding and up to the mark. I have been working very hard and this is mentioned in the review report but I am much disappointed by only 1.3% increase in my salary. Many other employees who were not even in the review report got salary increments by above 5%. I am saddened and disheartened by this as all my excitement went into a dismal.

I am graciously concerned about this and request you to look into this otherwise it will be a big discrepancy at the end of the company’s general and specialized assessment instruments. I request you to call into question the staff of the Human Resources and Finance Department. I shall be grateful to you if you revise the salary review. I am looking forward to your earliest response at your convenience.

Thank you in anticipation.

Best Regards

Ross Foley,
The Assistant Supervisor (ST-9)
Department of Manufacturing and Warehouse Management
Denmark Eleven, 34-F 10th Flood, Nelson Heights
 Dunster Heep Road, San Francisco, CA, USA

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