Employee Complaint of Job Description Violation to Boss


I hope you will be fine and doing well these days. You are being written this letter being the CEO of the company. My name is Johnson, working as an assistant in the accounts department in this company for the last five years. Through this letter, I want to submit my formal complaint against my immediate boss whose name is Stewart, working as a manager in this company.

I have enjoyed most of the time while working here and I had chanced to build a lot of good relationships with my colleagues. But, during the past four months, I am facing problems from the manager’s side while working here. In addition, to perform my job-related tasks, I am being forced by him to perform some other tasks which are not included in my job description.

I have come to know this factor after reading the employee handbook about the job description which was given to me on the very first day of my joining. Moreover, I have reviewed company policies regarding the job description very carefully. Sir, being my employer, you have an obligation to provide me a stress-free work environment and it is clearly written that any employee, working in this company is not bound to perform any task other than his job. Hence, our manager is violating the terms and conditions of the agreement which is not a good practice. 

I request you to take the necessary steps in this regard and direct the manager not to ask the employees to perform tasks other than their job description. I hope you will take this complaint seriously and resolve this issue on a priority basis. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,

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Subject: Complaint of job description violation [X]

Dear Sir,

I am Anderson, working as a Liaison officer in this company for the last five years. Through this letter, I want to submit a formal complaint which is concerned with job description violation on my manager’s side. Since the very first day of my joining, I was very happy because I was being provided with excellent career opportunities coupled with a stress-free work environment. But as far as the current situation is concerned, I am facing some problems regarding my job. The sole cause behind this problem is my immediate boss Jackson, who is the manager in the company’s office where I am working right now.

Sir, I want to inform you humbly that my primary job duty is to draft letters and emails and to make contacts with all the potential clients of the company in order to introduce the company’s promotion policies and to collect their feedback. In this way, I act as a bridge between the company and its clients. I came to know all this after reading the ‘job description’ section of our ‘employee’s handbook’. But my manager has been forcing me to perform some other tasks which are related to accounts. No doubt, I have also earned a degree in commerce, but it does not mean that I would be asked to perform tasks other than my job description.

Our company’s policies entitle me to raise my voice against such unfair practices in the workplace. Considering the higher authority in this matter, I am requesting again to take my complaint seriously and direct the manager not to carry out such practices at the workplace. It is expected this matter would be resolved as soon as possible and I am thanking you in anticipation of this kindness.

Yours affectionately,

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