Response Letter to Termination of Employment


Re. Employment Termination Response

Dear Sir/Madam, I am [NAME], former [DESIGNATION] of the [COMPANY]. This letter has been drafted as a response to my unanticipated termination from the company. My termination has been made without communicating the intention of termination to me. Later, I was told the reasons on the account of which termination was made. The reasons communicated are irregularity at work and failure to hold projects.

I have been working in this firm since 20XX and it has been [X] years working here. I joined the company as a [DESIGNATION] and later, I was promoted to the position of [POSITION]. I have always worked hard and remained dedicated and professional towards my work.

On [DATE], I received my termination letter from the department of [DEPARTMENT NAME]. There has been no reason mentioned in my termination letter but I was told by the department that the decision has been taken by the Board of Governors after reviewing performance appraisals of the month [MONTH].

I understand your concerns regarding an employee’s irregularity and failure in achieving multiple projects. I accept my fault and accept my termination letter. I was going through some issues in my personal life; therefore, I was unable to put up with the hectic schedules at work. Being mentally upset due to the prevailing problems, I could not focus on the ongoing projects. On my designation, I share most of the responsibility for the failure of the project’s achievements.

I have enclosed all the necessary documents for the payment of my remaining dues. I appreciate your coordination during my stay in the company. Indeed, I am thankful to you for providing me the opportunity to work with one of the best teams and extending my knowledge and experience. Thank you.

Response letter to termination of employment

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Re. Response Letter on the Termination

Dear Sir/Madam,

 This letter is regarding my termination from the job of [POSITION]. I have been working here since 20xx as a […] but I received my termination on [DATE]. On having my termination on the table, I would like to explain the imperatives that caused my termination. The reason behind this response letter is solely to explain and not to get the retribution of the termination.

As I have been terminated on the account of being accused of malpractice in the contract agreed between [COMPANY] and [COMPANY] to get personal monetary benefits. As I have been working here for [X] years, there is no record of such malpractice on my end as I have always been honest, dedicated, and professional. I have always been called a man of principles. Sir/Madam, I have never compromised my working ethics.

As I remained on a week’s leave from work, I believe, some malpractice was made during my absence from the office. I accept my negligence in not reviewing the contract report. Therefore, I already have accepted my termination. I only intend to dissolve the questions arising from the termination on the account of my honesty and professionalism.

In case of further discussion of the matter, you can contact me on the given numbers. Thank you.

Response letter to termination of employment

Size: 16 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


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