Show Cause Letter for Safety Violation

Sample -1

This notice is being issued to you for not complying with the safety policy and thereby violating one of our project sites. At the time of appointment, you as the project manager, it was declared mandatory for you to ensure that all the safety measures are being well taken care of by laborers during working hours.

Yesterday, during a surprise visit to the project site, the manager observed that all the basic safety rules which were set forth by top management were being totally neglected as he found most of the workers without protection masks. Moreover, many of them were without gloves. Mr. [X], maintain such a poor safety standard at the workplace is unacceptable. This could have harmed the lives of workers as well and the company cannot bear such a loss. You must make your workers show strict compliance with safety measures. Make them that these measures have been made for their own sake to eliminate any chance of harm to their health and lives.

Since you are accused of violating the safety measures, it is therefore instructed to attend the meeting with the company CEO at head office. You must be accompanied with an answer to show the cause regarding this matter. At the same time, you are also directed to make safety measures possible at the project site. In case of further violation, you will be fined heavily.

It is expected from you that you will take this notice seriously. From now onward, the safety inspector of the company will pay surprise visits to the site and we hope you will not put your job at any risk.

Yours sincerely.

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Sample -2

Subject: Show cause notice for safety violation

Dear Jackson,

This document must be treated as a show-cause notice which is being issued to you after your failure to comply with the safety measures and therefore violating the basic safety rules at the workplace. According to his report, your manager was of the view that on [date], you were present in the laboratory without wearing PPE such as gloves, glasses, and face mask. These are considered as an integral part of a worker in a diagnostic lab wearing PPE has been declared mandatory as per the policy of the laboratory.

Mr. Jackson, the importance of complying with safety measures has increased up to manifolds owing to the pandemic. Remember, you are working in a diagnostic laboratory and your chances of exposure to germs are more as compare to the common public.  

Since you have been accused of violating the safety measures and causing a serious threat not only to your own but also your colleagues’ lives, therefore top management wants you to attend a meeting with the senior manager on [date]. You must be accompanied with a written answer explaining the cause of your sheer safety negligence in the laboratory. If you fail to attend the said meeting and submit a suitable answer, it will be thought that you have nothing to say in your defense, and in that case, you should be ready to face the consequences.

It is expected that you will take this notice as seriously. At the same time, you are advised to comply with the instructions mentioned in it. We want you to reflect on yourself positively.


Size: 22 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



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