Letter to Suggest a Payment Scheme to a Supplier

No buying and selling take place without the mutual consensus of the seller and the buyer. The seller sells and the buyer buys it because he agrees to pay the demanded price. Since the prices or the buying and selling rules are not fixed always, some concessions and alterations can be made depending on the circumstances especially in the case of large contracts. It can be difficult for the supplier sometimes to deliver products in time or of a particular demand. He can then negotiate with the buyer. Similarly, the buyer may face problems that would hinder his finances and dealings. In such circumstances, the buyer can request the seller such a scheme of dealing that would suit his circumstances better. This letter can be used to suggest a payment scheme to a supplier.


Letter to Suggest a Payment Scheme to a Supplier


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Dear [Recipient’s name]

I am writing to you in order to have a negotiation on the payment scheme that we decided last week. After a careful analysis of my budget and the current financial issues that I am facing, I see that the scheme that we discussed will not be suitable for me so I am writing to you another plan which is hereunder;

Is it possible that we divide that payment into three installments? If you allow me to pick up 2/3 of the stock on first installment and the rest of the stock on the last installment, it will not only be easy for me to pay but will also not burden my finances since I cannot afford to pay in one installment. I expect that this scheme will be suitable for you and I hope this will also not burden you. Kindly let me know what you say regarding this plan so that we continue by signing agreement letter at the upcoming meeting. Thank you!


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Letter to Suggest a Payment Scheme to a SupplierLetter to Suggest a Payment Scheme to a Supplier

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