Letter to Reprimand an Employee for Violating a Company Policy

Every company has its rules and regulations and the employees working in it are expected to follow those rules and regulations. An employee handbook also states the do’s and don’ts parameters that an employee is supposed to keep. In the case of the violation of any rule or policy of the company, prompt action should be taken and the respective employee should be criticized for doing so.

This letter can be written to reprimand an employee for violating the companies of nondisclosure.


Dear [recipient’s name],

I hope that you’re aware of the company’s policies very well since it’s been [enter period] that you are working at [enter company]. The non-disclosure policy of the company states that no information regarding our copyright models will be shared with other companies before or after the completion of the project. We own rights of all project models that are designed at our workplace. You have been working on the project of [enter project name] which is a unique project that we are doing. However, I am very sad to learn that you disclosed the project details to some employees of the [enter company name] company in an informal meeting while you know that they are our competitors in the market. I was not expecting this from a senior and trusted employee like you. Nonetheless, I want to give you a chance to make the clarification (if any), of this violation that you have made. For this, kindly meet me in the office at [enter time].


[Your Name]

Senders Title] -Optional-


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Letter to Reprimand an Employee for Violating a Company PolicyLetter to Reprimand an Employee for Violating a Company Policy

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