Apology Letter for Verbal Abuse

Human beings can have differences among them and personality clash at work or otherwise is a common matter. In situations, where we lose our temper and end up in verbally abusing people, we need to apologize as soon as possible. Verbally abusing people is highly unethical and not allowed for any reason.

When we abuse anyone, we have to apologize to them quickly. Maintain a polite and apologetic tone throughout the letter. Take responsibility for your actions and accept the fact that your behavior has been wrong. Mention any reasons for behaving in such a way. State that you have recognized to change your behavioral trends and work on yourself. Promise the reader that such a situation will not take place in the future.

Apology Letter for Verbal Abuse


[Name Here]



Dear [Recipient Name],

You are my favorite colleague at work and someone I always look up to when I need any advice. You know how much workload we are facing these days. I am sure you are pressurized at your own end the same way I am. However, I just felt that you are not very serious towards your work.

You know how ethically we need to follow our deadlines. One missed deadlines mean more over time, keeping the staff work for longer hours and opening the office open until we finish and hence, putting a lot of people at work. This not just annoys the staff but it also increases our cost. Paying overtime has not been something our management is very happy to do. Also, over time causes an increase in the basic expenses as well.

Besides the cost, it also makes it hard to report to the management and then we have to face a lot of criticism from the manager. Since the last two weeks, I have been feeling that you are not taking a keen interest in your work. Due to which I felt more stressed and ended up in abusing you. Seconds after, I realized that I had been very wrong in belittling you and insulting you in front of the staff.

I want to tell you that I respect you and your work a lot. I hold very high views about you and I take you as a role model. Abusing you was never the solution. I am sure I have humiliated you a lot and I am ready to apologize in front of the whole staff. Please accept my apology and advise me as for how to improve my behavior and control my anger.


[Your Name]


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Apology Letter for Verbal AbuseApology Letter for Verbal Abuse

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