Promotional Letter Seeking Entrants to Contest

Business associations may organize contests for the fresher to flourish their skills. This is not limited to businesses. It is practiced in other spheres as well. The newbies are provided with opportunities so that their work and skills may get recognition. When such content is arranged, letters are sent to the potential contestants. The authorities, on one hand, allow the contestants to compete, win, and be recognized while on the other hand, they generate revenues through such programs and make their advertisements too.

In a promotional letter, explain the contest and how the contest will benefit the contestant. Also, explain the procedure briefly and provide the helpline or link where the contestants could get information regarding the contest.

Letter -1

At the beginning of the new Term, the Event Management society is organizing two competitions: a painting competition and a photography competition. The theme of the competition is ‘Life Is Wonderful’. This competition is open for all Middle school students.

You can paint using watercolors, oil paints, or acrylics. The use of mixed media is also allowed. The painting should be made on A3/A4 sheet. Each student is allowed one entry per competition only. However, you can participate in both competitions. For the photography competition, both soft and hard copies are to be submitted. The judgment criteria would be relevant to theme, creativity, and originality. The overall composition of the painting should be attractive.

The entry fees for both the competitions is [amount]. Please submit your entries along with the entry fee before [date] to the middle school Arts teacher, Ms [name]. The winners would be announced on [end date]. The winning entry would get a cash prize worth [amount]. The second prize is a laptop and the third prize is a BMX cycle. All the participating students will get a certificate of Participation.

Looking forward to active participation from all students.


At ‘The Horticultural Society of [name]’, it is our aim to encourage the gardeners to excel in their skills and make maximum use of sustainable gardening practices. We keep on organizing different events to increase awareness and encourage the gardening community in this regard, we are proud to announce a gardening competition for our esteemed members.

The title of the competition is ‘My Best Bloom’ as the title suggests we request all the avid gardeners to bring their favorite blooms and let our judges decide which three participants have impressed them the most.

The entry fee is [amount] and it has to be submitted to Secretary Horticultural Society, Mr [name] by [date]. You are to bring your entries on [date of competition] to [park name]. Each participant would be given a [size of table] table to display their entry. The judges for this competition would be Mr. [name] and Ms. [name] the famous horticulturist from [name of society].

The winner would be given a monthly subscription to [gardening magazine] and a free supply of organic fertilizer for six months. The runners-up would be given a set of gardening tools from [company name]. All the participants would receive a certificate of appreciation.

Looking forward to active participation from all of you.


Dear [Recipient’s Name],

As you already know being a member of the council that according to our Art council’s strategy, we open the opportunities to grow and get recognized for the new artist every year in the Summer by organizing different competitions. This year’s contest has been announced. Our theme for this year is [enter details]. You’re requested to take part in the contest and submit your forms along with your art pieces by [enter date].

A team of 10 jurists will decide the winners and the winner will get a chance to attend the yearly summit in [enter country], while the runners-up will be presented with cash and gifts too.

The closing date is [enter date]. For any further queries please contact at [123-4567-8901].

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Promotional Letter Seeking Entrants to Contest

Promotional Letter Seeking Entrants to Contest

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